Disappointed with Wizard.


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Mar 2, 2003
I have been trying to get the new software from Wizard for a long time, since the Atlanta show in September of 2002. At that show the salesman told me we would have it by the end of the year 2002.

From January 2003 to September 2003 every time I contacted Wizard I asked about the software.

I spoke to the person in charge of mailing out the software back in the beginning of September of 2003 and I was told that we would have the software in two weeks. Two weeks came and gone. So I called back October 7th and she said that it will be another month.

Apparently when you own the machine and no longer paying a monthly fee to Wizard, you get put way down on their list for updates.

I understand customer support could be overwhelmed if they mailed the update all at once.

Wouldn't it make more since to send the new software to the more experienced customers first, who would require less support from Wizard?

I have had my Wizard since 1995, back when a simple multi opening mat was a major ordeal.
Wanna bet you'll get your software after this post??

I totaly agree with Tom. I just wonder were you in Atlanta this year? And did you speak to Rob from Wizard? The reason I ask is I probaly sounded just like you until Atlanta.Then when I asked ,my name was put on a list that I saw get handed out several copies of 5.1B. I guess it's the squeaking wheel sort of thing,but there was a lot of wheels being greased in Atlanta 2003.
Just a caviat I was advised that there were problems with 5.0 and maybe even 5.1 But this is 5.1B.LOL I also was advised to install it on another computer (Not the one attached to the cutter).Problem seems to be, a very steep learning curve and if you don't catch on you don't CUT MATS.So these could be some of the explanations for Sanfu's snafu .By the way I have it and still haven't had time to sit a learn,I'm too busy useing 4.8 to stop and experiment. After all the only persons in our shop is Marie and Me and she always says "all she does is clean windows(Clean glass and finish) and pick colors."

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We've been waiting and paying since last May. The promised delivery date is next week.
I bought the new Wizard before the New York show. Received a generous trade for the leased machine. I recieved the new Wizard the second week in June. I received the new software in August or thereabout. No complaints here!
We were on the same timeline as Pam, and not a single complaint here! We love our Wizard!! :D
I was told the same run around many times and eventually got my new software. Its great

But now I am confused of what I got. My software says version 5.0 on one screen and another says so im not sure what I got and what is the latest version???
Bill, the version string you posted has four parts to it which helps identify and label the version. The format is:


So technically you have version 5.0.1, which was the 1,181st build (an incremental compiler number) since the 5.0 project began. The 4.x series used to use Major.Minor.CompileDate but it's no longer comprehensive enough for us to keep track of properly.

Most software companies have something to that effect for their products. For example, I'm currently running Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106.xpsp2.030422-1633, commonly known as IE 6.0 service pack 2...

And I'm glad you like the new Wizard software. And in case everyone is wondering, yes, I've already emailed snafu directly..

Chalk up one more problem easily solved through the Grumble!! :D

Well it has been 17 days since I started this topic. I did receive a e-mail from Steve at Wizard stating that I may have to modify Windows Device Manager, and then deleting configuration files and re-calibrating the board after installing the new software. This was my response on 10-9-03:

"Thank you for responding to my post on the Grumble. I am familiar with Windows Device Manager, configuration files and calibrating the board. I am confident that I can update the system with a minimum of assistance. We have always looked forward to the upgrades to the Wizard software, especially this one."

But I still haven't received the software.

Received the software today.
Thanks Wizard

And a special thanks to the grumble.
I'm glad to hear that somebody got the new software. I was promised it back in March and have been told numerous times that I was on the list. The last time I called, about a month ago, they told me that I would be receiving it in December. Wonderful! But, if the learning curve is as great as I've heard, it will be March before I will dare install it. Don't get me wrong, the Wizard is great. That's why I want the new software, but it would be nice if it were in my lifetime.
Would we complain more if we got it and it was not right? Or have to wait until it is tweaked? If you have dealt with software programers they know they can make it do anything you want but it takes time to figure out why it it is not doing what they programed it to do. Hay Robert if you are listening, How many lines of code is in the Wizard Software? Bet it is more than 50. Well when something does not work right they have to go back and recheck all those lines then figure out if something is working against one instruction to cancel out another. kinda like a highway all cars going in the same direction if one car stops it slows down everyone else. the problem is getting to which car has caused the problem.
Wheewww! The software you have works just relax. It will come. They promise you.
Programmers are like dentist you have to remind yourself to thank them for hurting you.
Well when something does not work right they have to go back and recheck all those lines then figure out if something is working against one instruction to cancel out another. kinda like a highway all cars going in the same direction if one car stops it slows down everyone else. the problem is getting to which car has caused the problem.
Honestly, debugging faulty code is fairly easy. To me it's the usability and migration issues from older versions that's inherently difficult, exacerbated by the fact that we're a small software development team with limited resources. Couple that with having to support almost every operating system made by Microsoft (sans DOS) and you can see why our help desk doesn't want to flood our user base with upgrades.

The latest version, 5, really is the fifth time we've radically changed the interface. And each time the most complaints we get are from users upgrading from older versions who have to take time out of their very busy schedule to relearn how to cut mats again. But it's kinda like upgrading from Windows 95 or 98 to Windows XP. Sure it looks really different at first and somethings are moved around a bit, but once you get used to it you cringe every time you're forced to go back to the old software.

That said, we are surely listening to every comment. Version 5.1 will add a few features back from the older software (and a bunch of new ones.. here's a teaser - can you say MERGE within the Editor?). But I definately WON'T say when 5.1 will be available..
Hello Snafu,

I'm glad that you finally got your software. Could you give us an update on how it is going? Do you like the new software? How many hours did it take to catch on? Are you up and running?

(hoping to get the update after the Christmas season...)

I love the new software.

Some of the highlights are. You can copy and paste openings using ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Unlimited undo's!!! Automaticely size (outside) multiopening mats, easy to use, And much more.

Thanks Wizard.
Just wanted to say thanks to Wizard for sending my new software. Although I haven't installed it in my acutal Wizard computer yet, they sent a special copy for my office computer that I have been playing with. It's great and not hard to learn at all. I just copied off the tutorial pages and tried each lesson. It was easy. I have only had the software for two days, but plan on installing it today. Thanks again Wizard. I love it.
P. Kotnour
A word of advice. Don't install the new software in the same directory as the old software. This way you can have both versions on your system. Just in case you have problems with 5.0.???

I am glad I did.
Thanks snafu for the heads up. The problem is that I didn't get your message until after I had already installed the software in the Wizard computer. So far so good though. I am buzzing around the new program without a hitch so I'll keep my fingers crossed. It's so much easier, I just love it.