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direct manufacturers 1mm clear polystyrene sheets

Dec 19, 2018
hi we are looking to import from china or any other country 1mm clear polystyrene sheets, Our current suppliers in the UK have put their prices up. We understand the situation with the Covid, but the prices should't go up that much, We can buy in half to 3 to 4 pallets at time. We have tried the usual route Alibaba etc. We are looking for someone who imports regularly and knows the maufactures well. Please pm us or point us to the right direction to the direct source. We can pay finders fee
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Oct 9, 2007
In the US we have offices set up in most states to assist in the importation of goods. Most of what they offer is technical assistance, but that sometimes translates into free research and assistance. And like any networking, they can bring new ideas and business to you since they also facilitate the exporting of goods.

There is probably a similar office in the UK. These are taxpayer-supported since they assist in growing local economies through trade. They usually have "trade office" as a part of their name.

You may have already looked at government assistance in locating reputable businesses in foreign markets, but since it hasn't been mentioned here wanted to bring it up.

I would be interested in hearing how this turns out.
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