Digital Inkjet Canvas Prints

Ian Goodman

Jun 25, 2005
Ashtonfield NSW Australia
Does anyone else have this problem with the above.

The trend now is to have your favourite amateur lab print an image on Canvas and then take it to a framer to have it stretched onto stretcher bars and then hung on their wall.

The problem is that most amateur labs do not coat the image surface with any protective spray and during the stretching process some of the inkjet emulsion starts to flake off.

Does anyone know the correct spray to spray these image with?

For if they are not coated then water is the enemy of these type of images.

While we are at this subject does anyone have a good reference on stretching canvas onto stretcher bars?

Or do you know the title etc so that we can source one for my records.

Thank you [/LIST]
Dave, I'm glad to see that someone else has read that book! Excelent advice in that book!

As for the canvas prints, I think that the people you need to ask are the ones who are printing them. They would (or should) know what can be used on the print, without harming them.