Different tool for ink lines on mats

Meghan MacMillan

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
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Nov 22, 1999
Baltimore, MD
Today while on my never ending search for better gold inks for drawn ink lines on mats I stumbled across this handy item. Am I the last on my block to know about this? No control of line width, but I've been playing with it most of the morning and the line width is consistent (using FW acrylic ink). Not a replacement for a good ruling pen, but could be a handy tool.

Wonder if Howards carries these. . .
I think I've also seen it used with wax for decorating Easter eggs in a Ukranian style. Maybe also in the application of Henna tattoos. This might have a smaller tip. It also comes packaged with a wire poker-ish thing for cleaning.
I like the ruling pen best, for line control with gouache.

However, I once had a huge job involving more than dozens of frames with pen lines on the mats. I used black "Pigma" markers, and found them to be quite adequate for the task. I still use them on occasion.

After you draw lines on all four sides, go back and precisely-square each corner with a fine-pointed pen, such as the type used for script styles of calligraphy. (As a calligrapher, I have plenty of those in my toybox.)
Where is the best place to purchase a ruling pen? I live in the Twin Cities and cannot seem to find them!! Thanks
Of course Howards has them. Tjanting pens for batik, kistka for Ukrainian eggs and fluid writer pens. Also ruling pens. This is like the world's BEST toy store!