Difference between worker bee and owner


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Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I had stopped at the local supermarket to pick up some breakfast items this a.m. We exchanged niceties and because it has been rainy here for a few days and today particularly heavy I said to keep dry. She says "Oh, maybe this will keep them home, and I won't be so busy and can leave early". I very cheerfully said, "Maybe they will come out and I'll be busy - which is what makes my business".

Made me stop and think.... I know there are days that I am glad it's not busy (when I have enough in the workshop to keep me busy or I am just plain tired) but in most cases - bring THEM on!! Let them line up. Rain or shine!!

Maybe my boss will send me home early today. NOT!! :D

Can't wait for that day when I can go home early without checking in or the day when I can go upstairs and have a coffee on the veranda and watch the cows then hurry back down stairs when the buzzer goes.

Speaking of rain we had a day recently when we had the most rain in one day for 100 years (flood on the roads and literally an inch of water in the workshop). Thought not a sole would come in that day (even the very large main shoping centre closed for business and that is unheard of). Anyway we still made about $40 believe it or not.

Turns out I couldn't have went home anyway cause of water over road. So got a heap of work done.

Sometimes the joke is "would get a lot of work done if we didn't have customers."

So you can never tell with wet weather.
Up here in Maine in the Summer, when it rains, I can pretty much guarantee I'll have customers. They bring in their art in big green trash bags to keep the rain off.
I asked one why she didn't just wait for the next day when it would be sunny. She said that when it's sunny, the LAST place she wants to be is in Ellsworth shopping! She wants to be out playing.
Never fails!
Actually, today is slow enough that I'm going to close around 3 and head out to Schoodic Point and watch the waves crash on the rocks.
The remnants of Wilma are reaching us today and tomorrow and we are supposed to have 40 - 50 mph winds with some serious storm surge. Can't wait!!
Portland [Oregon] is kind of the same.. rain, we get customers. Sun, they're in their gardens or out playing.

Roz, you're right. It's "Work, for a paycheck" unless you're a worker bee then its "work for a paycheck".
Rick... you did that on Porpoise, didn't you !!?? It's posts such as these that give me such a haddock!!
OK, you guys, cut the carp!
I must be hard of herring as I had to reed that last one twice to sea its true meaning.