Did we forget 9 / 11? 4th year anniversary...


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May 30, 2005
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We remember. However, I guess we in Washington are a little sensitive, but DARN IT! New York was not the only city attacked. One of our framing colleagues was 40 feet from where the plane hit the Pentagon. Guess this is kind of like the folks in Mississippi feel this week, eh?
Originally posted by EllenAtHowards:
New York was not the only city attacked. One of our framing colleagues was 40 feet from where the plane hit the Pentagon.
The towers are a represention of the total devastation of that day to many folks.
Of course, we remember Pennsylvania and DC.

Thankfully, your colleague was 40 feet in the right direction.
I personnaly can not ever forget the twin towers...

My father was an engineer/architect who worked with Yamisaki in the 60's when the building was being born. Remembering the towers is remembering my dad.
My office was 1 minute walking distance from the Twin Towers when it happened.

I heard the first plane as it hit and I was able to see the flames from our office window.

And the nightmares that same night are still vivid.

Those things one cannot forget easily.
I still have difficulty thinking about it. Family and friends all around those areas. I was close enough to be shaken...ever since just the thought of all of it scares me. And it continues to this day...I know that will never be forgotten.
Patrick Leeland
didnt forget it! Had our 1st showing last year---pretty good response---LOTS of horror(& near horror) stories!!!!!
This year's showing had a 4 day show of local xplanted people(lots of "x-ers" in this neck of the woods) who were on site---pentagon & 2towers----had the showing in conjunction with bloodmobile & a firetruck(in mall parking lot)---drew some 250 people saturday(most of them not in the gallery before), got a few sales, got almost $300 & 12 garbage sacks of clothing & 33 pints(?) of blood, etc for the hurricane relief....many many people had stories of friends/relative/themselves about being THERE---many last year also had harrowing tales to tell

guess we'll do it again next year??? depends on the photo owners..........
And here's my rememberance:
Tuesday, September 11, 2001, like today, was primary election day here in New York. I left home earlier than usual to vote, and then got onto the train to get to work on 25th Street in the city. After the first stop, I saw smoke coming from the first tower. Nobody on the train knew what had happened until someone got a cell phone call to say that a plane had crashed into the tower. When we got to the last stop above ground, both towers were on fire, and the sky was filled with bright, fluttering things. They turned out to be thousands of sheets of stationary coming all the way into Brooklyn from the towers. 30 minutes later, we got onto the Manhattan Bridge, and we could really see what was going on. The tops of both towers were on fire, and we could see debris and people falling from them. Nobody on the train said a word after that, and we went back underground until the train made its last stop at Union Square (14th Street). I got back to street level in time to look downtown and see the first tower collapse into a huge cloud. I Spent the next hour stumbling around with the rest of the zombies, unable to talk about what I had seen, and breathing in what smelled like a mixture of burning plastic, concrete dust and barbecue.
Those are some powerful images and memories. I remember your posts about it at the time. They were one of the things that really personalized the overall coverage of the horror. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and your photographs.
Our little town of Ahwatukee put American flags all around our larger street. When I reached the street and spotted the 'remembrance', it was so heart warming - brought chills and tears! I don't plan to ever take that day for granted!!
Those are great pictures especially the one taken at night with the lights. I am also glad it's almost time to close shop cos I've got tears in my eyes. The anniversary of 9/11 always gets me upset.
I awoke that day to the phone ringing and my son saying, "Oh my God", over and over. I flew out of bed like a jack rabbit, turned on the T.V. just in time to see the 2nd building go down. I realized it was mass murder before my eyes and that horror just doesn't go away for me.
Yesterday when L.A. had a black-out, terrorism was on all our minds. I was so relieved it was just a "mistake"
Thanks for sharing the stories and images.
Don't want to sound prickly, but the word anniversary brings a merry tune into my ear. Commemoration seems to me the appropriate word in this instance.
But then again, I was not born and raised into speaking English every day and this may very well be one of those twisted words that evolved into meaning the opposite. Just like "terrific" -evidently rooted to terror- came to express excellence as in "How are you doing? Terrific!"
In what I am concerned, 9/11 marked me in such an ugly way that I turned into a blood-thirsty hawk and I gladly support any action that will bring fire and destruction to the perpetrators land and their followers. Don't get me started. And don't empower me either for I commemorate 9/11 incessantly.

I didn't realize that they turned the two beacon lights on for the anniversary - I was
actually in transit flying home from San Diego on Sunday the 11th.

On the 12th, I was in the midst of 10 interviews in our shop, when one alert potential
candidate commented, "Happy Anniversary", making reference to the fact that our shop
opened on 12 September 1978.

I had forgotten, and tend to overlook our own anniversary in light of the
significance that 9/11 has to all of us.


The picture above of Sarah was taken in May 2001, just 4 months before the towers
came down. We were in NY for a Chinese wedding and stayed at the Marriott
World Trade Center which is also gone.

We have all been changed by the events of that day.