Diagonal corner template


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
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Dec 31, 1969
Murray, Utah, USA
For cutting perfect diagonal corner mats every time. Take a square of scrap matboard, 4 to 6 inches, and cut it diagonally in half. Mount the two pieces on a strip of matboard slipsheet so they form a V (point facing the cutting bar). Place the corner of the mat to be cut into the V and set the meaure to the depth of diagonal you want. Mark the diagonal with a pencil making sure the marks are long enough to be seen when you cut the mat to the desired width. Remove the template, set the bar to the mat width and cut the mat up to the diagonal marks you made. Replace the template and cut the diagonal lines with the measuring bar set to the first mark. You will have a perfect diagonal corner. For doubles and triples merely follow the same procedure reseting the bar for the diagonal to account for the different "shows" of each sucessive mat. The explanation is more complex than the actuality of doing it.