desperately seeking La Marche Moulding

Greg Gomon

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 15, 2000
Santa Cruz, California, USA
I am Desperate to fill 4 customer orders requiring LaMarche Moulding. These are currently out-of-stock and have been for months. ETA has changed with LM many times and now tentatively set for end of May. I have given up believing these are going to become available anytime soon. Please help me with this one. If anyone out in GrumbleLand can help me, I will forever be in your debt.

98025 8 feet (23 5/8 x 13 7/8)
94100 6 feet (20 3/4 x 8 1/8)
828541 7 feet (16 x 20)
238-3105 21 feet
Call me if you can help. Thanks much!!

831-462-5886 or 831-462-0233
I have taken down the LM moulding samples until they get their inventory problems worked out. One of the best selling profiles for me in my new shop was a LM 1302 but I just couldn't get it when I needed it.

Showing a moulding to a customer and then having to call them to say that the moulding is out of stock for 3 months is a sure death knell for a new business.

I hope they get their problems straightened out soon because they have a number of weathered "beachy" looking moulding profiles that work very well with the type of art that is prevalent on the Gulf coast.


P.S. Sorry, I don't have what you are looking for. I would have loved to help you out.
Sorry Greg, I can't help you, but have been in your exact postion before. What I do now, is call LaMarche or any other supplier that seems to have a streak of out-of-stocks and check the availability of a particular moulding while the customer is still with me so I can make a decision at that time whether to wait for the moulding to come in, or pick out an alternative. This way, I don't have to call the customer back and explain things and have them make an extra trip. I learned the hard way.

Thanks for the encouragement and trying to help me out of this dilemna. Unfortunately, I'm still in a bind and am seeking the mouldings listed. When the orders were originally placed with LaMarche the due dates given us were a respectible 10 days to 2 weeks out. Now several revisionist dates later we have egg on our faces and customer is left wondering. I love LaMarche moulding and Christin, our old sales rep was fantastic. But....
It would be helpful for a brief discription of the moulding to jog my memory and or current catalog page.

Thanks framer
I have also liked the LM 1302 profiles and stocked small quantities. Now I've gotten some where the finish has changed drastically (i.e. from Off-White to Yellow) and the rough (wire brushed??) finish is now smooth as plastic

Now I'm closing out the profile with what I have in stock
I used to get so annoyed with one of my local distributors who seemed to always be out of stock on their Lamarche profiles, now I know the culprit is LaMarche. I'd like to publicly apologize for sending out hideously bad vibes through osmosis to ABC Moulding. I'll take the hex off your building too.

I actually checked my distributors catalogue to see if they carried any of your missing items and nary a one, but I tried.....