Desperately Seeking Fletcher...


WOW Framer
Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
I don't know what this thing is called, but it is a black spring-steel "holder" for a hand-held glass cutter. It was given to me by a Fletcher rep at a trade show years ago and now it has broken!!! I cannot cut glass without this!

It is very ergonomic! It fits over the cutter and there is a curved part that rests on the inside of your palm so you so not have to grip the cutter tightly to use it. It was a Godsend then and now (I have used epoxy, a steel brace and electrical tape to repair it) but it won't last long.

Do any of y'all have a spare one of these gizmos floating around yer shop? Look in the "junk" drawer! The thing is 5/8 wide, 1 7/8 long (in the curved position) and 3 3/8 of material length overall. It is curved like a question mark and on the base is a reverse-tapered folded "holder" that measures 3/8 at the top and 1/2 at the base.

On the curved part is the Fletcher name plus US Patents 4040182 and 4203209. I will pay cah money if anyone can come up with one of these gadgets for me!

The ergonomic feature of the thing is that all the pressure comes from your palm instead of your fingers. Your fingers just have to direct it!

Any help will be HUGELY appreciated! Thanks!
If you are unable to find one. Take the old one to several machine shops (Get bids)and have them make you a new one. I have had several parts replaced this way over the years. The new ones are almost always better than the mass produced originals and the cost is surprisingly less than you would expect.

John - Good idea! Gonna ask my hardware store guys for a machine shop to try!

Judy - it is a pretty thing but I dunno, a pistol grip??? Old dogs, new tricks - ya know?

Darn, I was really hoping one of you "pack rats" had one of these gadgets lying around. I know I have lots of things that I am reluctant to throw away in case I find out what they are and how to use them! Perhaps we should start a website with photos of this stuiff we all have stashed away and we could trade!!!
Framar, I might have found one in a junk drawer. Can you post a photo of it so I can be sure? I would but my digital is acting up. A description would be, looks like a lower case letter "j" with a slight V knotch at the top to hold the cutter...Mark

ps- It's yours if it's what you want