Design Competition


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
May 8, 2003
Lubbock, Texas
I would like to thank Angie for her hard work and enthusiasm!

And of course many thank you’s go out to the sponsors and the judges.

Would anybody care to post why they voted for an entry, whether the frame won or not? What was it that you LIKED about a certain piece? Was it the design? Was it the originality? Or perhaps you could just look at the piece and know how long that must have taken?
Judges, how did you judge the framing? Balance? Technique? Etc.

For instance I REALLY (really) liked Buddy’s Bridal Gazebo. It looks well thought out and has a nice visual balance to it. I like how the v groove reinforces the vertical lines of the gazebo and the ornate cuts at the bottom of the mat reflect the knot-work just above it. The matting colors are just off a tone from the background of the x-stitch drawing my eye to the artwork first.

Just curious.
Wirhout looking at them all again, I can say that I voted for Kathy's glittery framing treatment - because that looks like something I would have done!

I voted for the silver frame with the grey mat and the Victorian piece because it is something I would like to own!

And I voted for the Indian shrine box because it knocked my socks off!

And I voted for Buddy's piece because it was absolutely gorgeous.

That's all I can remember without going back and looking...
Oh my goodness, they were all so good!!! It was a challenge to vote!!!

I think one that really caught my attention would have to be the tatting around the tilted old photo that Jay did. I just love the way it was done!! Very elegant, and a neat idea.

Also Buddy's (jazz print and the Wedding needle work) were absolutely awesome.

Mar, I loved that photo frame you did and I also loved the jewlrey frame that Kathy did too!!

and the one with the poker table by Johnny!!! that was an interesting idea!!

...ooohh and Baer's hand carved July Frame and Kimonos!!!

... and the framed mats! I would have never thought to do anything like that, what a cool idea!!

I've got to stop!!! I just loved them all so much!

I don't even remember what I voted for, I think I tried to vote for the most interesting and unique ideas.
I loved the "Old Mans Stuff" or what ever it was called... shadowbox.. It really told me who he was.

Then there were those amazing mats on the Heroshigi prints... and I don't care if they were cut on a CMC.... you have to program that sucker... whoa!

They were just all so great. Simple or complex, they all told their stories well.