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Jul 30, 1997
I hope everyone will enjoy the design changes.

Please comment here if you have problem with them.

If you comment please include your browser type and version.

Hi. Thanks as always for all you do to maintain the Grumble. Hope you are having a good holiday.
As to the design change, personally I feel that it is busy. There is an awful lot happening on the screen at once, with less space devoted to the actual forum and a lot to distract from concentrating on what I am trying to read.
Most of the features at right (except the Shout) are available within a click or two from anywhere one is on the Grumble already, so I don't feel that having them always in view is a valuable benefit in trade for the simplicity (and therefore calm) of the previous look.
I would compare it to not over-framing a piece of fine art with too many mat decorations just because we have the skills to do them.
Just my two cents worth.
P.S. I'm viewing the Grumble on a Mac with 17" CRT screen, using Internet Explorer v. 5.1.6.
Hi Framer,
I think I can see everything but the background is unusual. It is dark grey with small white dots forming a grid pattern. It looks like a drafting screen. It is difficult to read the words in blue at the top. I'm operating Win XP Pro on a Pentium III with 128 MB of RAM.

What is a 'Shout' and how is it used? I couldn't get the buttons to do anything.

What is Garbage Collection? I tried to find out more about the shout and the garbage on some of the other forums. If the garbage is 'offensive' stuff (as someone posted), why would anyone want to go there? Why does it require another password?

Sorry to ask so many questions all at once.
Garbage Collection is just where deleted threads go till I remove them permanently.

Yes, I agree about the links, I will work on that.
Framer- how about a horizontal scroll bar? I keep wanting to move the main forum to the right to make it wider! I'm on a powerful PC with a tiny screen and everything just got WAY smaller with the addition of the Shout.

It also bothers me, somehow, that it is located to the RIGHT of what I want to read. Maybe if it were on the LEFT it wouldn't be so bothersome?

What do I know? I'm so set in my ways...

I honestly don't know what I would do without the Grumble - it has become VERY IMPORTANT to both my framing life and my regular life.

Thank you.

Carry on.
I'm running XP with 512M ram and operating at 2.53G.

I'm inclined to agree with Rick. The sidebar is distracting, and I have no clue what a 'shout' is. Seems we've all been pretty successful at shouting at one time or another. It would seem to narrow the text fields. I don't know how it would effect posting pictures.

Change, from something I've been a part of since 2001, discombobulates me. While you know I appreciate the time, money and effort...the short answer is I liked it like it was before.

EDIT: After posting and going back to the thread, it's way too narrow. I was sorta surprised when the screen popped up, and there was my tiny little narrow post. I vote(for what it's worth) to keep the old.
Hi Framer tg,
The nice grey background is back (Yea!) and I can see it all so much better now. Thanks!
However, I must say that I agree with Rick; the side bar takes up space and seems redundant. Everything is so easy to access on the Grumble. It really is great just the way it was. It is a fabulous site!
Framer, I like the "idea" of the shout, to shout out hi to someone you see lurking.... but then why not just shoot them an email......

The rest just starts to look like a Juno main page with NASCAR style advertizing...

A little "Jurassic Park" .... 'just because you can, doesn't mean you should....'

Having the birthdays and events list on top would be a nice addition.

Most folks don't scroll down far enough to see em...
I'm going to redo the computer forum so you can check out changes there first.

I don't see much of a change, honestly, except now those sissy pastel colored backgrounds have been replaced by more readable gray and white. I like those changes! I'm running a Mac under IE 5.1 .

However, the link to the "UBB Codes" on the home page is broken.
I missed all of the action or else my XP PC 256RM, flat screen didn't pick it up. discombobulates, are you sure that is spelled correctly? I thought my spouse made up that word.

I don't mind changes as long as they are not flashing or pop up. POP UPS are blocked so I guess I wouldn't have seen them.
Maybe I'm dense, but there is NO change to what I see. ???

Dave Makielski
Oh, sorry, I'm using AOL optimized with "High Speed" Technology on a windows Gateway Tablet computer.

Everything is the same.

Dave Makielski
Framer put it back the way it was for now and will be testing some improvements in the computer forum.

A collection of framing related avatars may be added soon, too.