design 102

Marc Lizer

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 28, 1999
North Hollywood, CA
OK, on these ones it will be easier. I did some things wrong on purpose. And there is lots of room for improvement, so you have no excuse not to speak up!


Gee professor, I dunno. Nobody told me we had homework.

The one with the car makes me think of a bulls eye. Not enough variation in the mat widths. And it seems kinda stark in the middle of that frame.

But I like the other one.


YEA!!!! Finally found these posts!!!!

I prefer the wide mats on horizontal images rather than verticals. It's just one of my quirks, I guess, but they seem more balanced when they are horizontal and the image is centered in the mat.

I would like to see a two tone grey combination mat, such as:

1. Artique 4849, Nickel, top mat

2. Artique 4814, Jetty, undermat, 1/2"-3/4" exposure because of the fillet.

3. LJ fillet, 147974, Pewter on the top mat.

4. LJ frame, 437974 Pewter

Top mat about 3.5" wide, 3/8" silver fillet, 1/2"-3/4" undermat exposure, 1 5/8" silver frame. I see a well balanced and proportional package with all measurements different enough so as not to become boring.

I may respond to the other framing in another posting.

Well, the first kinda bugs me, but I can't quite put my finger on why. One thing I can say is that the bright white bevel is quite distracting. Use a cream centered mat, or cut it with a reverse bevel. And maybe a little something to break up the mat, probably a V groove.

The second one though... First, vary the widths of the reveals. Second, the middle mat is way to narrow. You see more bevel than color. Third, the green of the middle mat is off. Maybe it looks better in person, hard to tell. Fourth, the blinding white bevels. An inlaid mat would have gotten rid of one, at least. Finally, the proportions of the mats look weird. It should have been bottom weighted, but it looks like it's top weighted. Maybe it's just the perspective.

Any thoughts Marc, now that you've gotten some second and third opinions?
I L U V them LM scalloped rabbets!
BUT, when I cut them, I will go even to the extent of changing the final size to get those curves and points lined up in a balanced fashion. It is a bit hard to tell from your photos, but I think there is room for some improvement there. I like to have all four corners meet up at the same "point" (or curve,) as well.
Also, I might have been tempted to crop a tad from the sky in the carfamily photo. And I would have varied the mat reveals a bit like MM said.
Marc I couldn't do it but could the errror be that the scalloped Fillet doesn't meet the same in each corner? I think it apppears that three are alike and the uppper right corne doesn't meet at the btm of the scallop. I do however remebr that it often is unavoidable to have ONe corner not match when doing this type of work.
Other than that I'm at aloss. But then what your concerned with may be so small we couldn't see it unless in person.
the blue one
Overall this one looks okay, other than the blinding white bevel already mentioned.

family by car I agree that the green mat seems to be the wrong color, but hard to tell on my computer.
The reveals should be changed and the white outer mat seems to close in the image. Maybe a grey tone on top with a lighter colored inner mat?
I don't like the LM profile or color on this one, It draws my eye directly to the frame rather than to the photo!

Thanks for furthering our framing education Marc!
The blue-one is our store sample of why you need to sometimes reverse bevel. You show them that, and they get it.

The car one is just all wrong.
I was framed for the wrong reasons. I wanted to use that frame. Since it was a hare wider than it should be for a photo that size, I tried to make the mat wider to make the frame look smaller.


I needs a thinner frame and a thnner top mat. It also needs to be only double matted and not tripple. That will take care of the "cramped" and bullseye feeling on the photo.

I could use the frame, if I had two or three photos in a row, making for a larger overall feel. Or four laid out in a quad will take that frame.

It needs some thin, vintage style and delicate frame. Not the chunky one I forced upon it.