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Marc Lizer

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Jun 28, 1999
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What would you do differently, and why?

Would you do a different frame?
Different fabric backing?
Different layout?

You own't learn if you don't speak up?

For that matter, neither will I.
Assuming that the backing board is some sort of fabric that approximates the uniform to which these would have been pinned, I wouldn't change a thing! I like the precise symmetrical layout (this is a military presentation, after all) and the gold frame accents the gold in the medals and plate very nicely.

Kit (still trying to figure out how to post pics)
I would move the two silver eagles in and up a little, move the epaulets up, drop the straight line of medals into a v-shape so that the whole layout took on a diamond shape. Why? Who knows? Just would.
I like it. It appears to be a gen-u-wine gold leaf frame.

One thought... how about a raised mat with a fillet? (I read that on TG once, but can't remember to whom to give credit.) It really sets off the design, but many times it's hard to talk customers into the extra expense as it would also increase the overall size.

What is the backer matboard?
Looks good to me. I'd agree though that putting a second mat with a fillet would look that much better. It does the same thing for these objects that it would do for a picture. Plus it makes it all bigger, which means you sell more glass, moulding, matting etc. which means more PROFIT!!!Since it looks like Marc did this for his father (uncle? brother?) I doubt if there was much objection based on price.

Put the second mat up against the glass? Maybe, just make sure you leave more room around the objects so that they don't get lost in the shadows.

Put it at the back on top of the floater? Maybe, it would give a neat dimensional look. Or heck, put it halfway between the floater and the glass.

The creamy background and gilded frame work for me. Gives it a very elegant, museum-like (in a good way) presentation.

Overall, two thumbs up.
None of Marc's pictures will load for me. I've tried it at work and at home with no luck. :(
Originally posted by vilgal:
None of Marc's pictures will load for me. I've tried it at work and at home with no luck. :(

I think that Marc's server where he FTP'd his photos to is not functioning correctly. Somebody else posted that they are only allowing photos from auctions to be accessed.

Nice friendly people, eh?

I'm sure he'll get wind of this and post to another storage area.

Here is a hexagonal display case that I finished recently. These are fairly easy to build and could add a new custom built item to your inventory in the art gallery.


Here is a view of the removable top. (The raised moulding and the glass come out)


Display case moulding courtesy of Southwinds Moulding Inc., Columbia, SC.

Trim moulding is LJ Kensington in Mahogany veneer.

This is a smaller display case, measuring about 13" tall by about 12" at the widest part of the hexagon.
Marc when you say ;Display case moulding courtesy of Southwinds Moulding Inc., Columbia, SC. are you speaking about the uprights? i once built a cubical box ( I'll Try To Get PICS later) of a three demensional Crossstitch project and we had a real problem finding moulding that was as tall as it was wide. This would have to be Chevron shaped to do it my way The outside surfaces would need to follow the octagon top and btm while the rabit would need to be the same degree angle.Is it like that? and does southwinds mill it that way? I have a catalog but i didn't remeber seeingthat.

You may have to call for one of their display case catalogs. Their phone # is 800-833-3268.

The basic carcase is made from their mouldings and they are milled with 60&#186 kerfs in the verticals and the top cap and bottom cap are the same rails that you would use for any shape display case. I am finishing up a larger hexagonal case that will house a collector bisque doll and I will try to post when I have it finished.

Marc, aka Framerguy :D
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I am not sure where you are coming from on your post, whether there was meant to be some kind of humor buried in there or what, but I simply posted this display case here because I thought it was the proper place for it and I wanted to contribute to your old thread after you got the picture posting thing fixed.

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If not, then it is another clear demonstration of FramrGuy's flagrant attempt to thumb his nose at the system. In which case, only his nose will be severed off, and made into a new topic.</font>

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Framerguy, again I am
I hope the two of you have made up. It was all my fault for not paying enough attention to whose name was at the top of the post.I am truly impressed with the work both of you have shown,as this comment shows about Framerguy and a few others have about Marc's work. By the way Marc any replies to my comments?

Getting back to your original question about the military frame design:

I just don't like shadow boxes without mat borders. (Someone once looked at a violin I had put in a shadow box and said "look, a coffin for a dead violin")

I would put these items in a multi opening double mat - not too many openings - the medals would all be in a single opening. Then I would put another pair of mats around the whole thing and probably add a filet. A small spacer between the 2 pairs of mats will give enough depth for the items. The tricky part is to carry this off without it getting too busy - likely only 2 mat colors for all 4 mats. I like the ribbons of the medals to have their top edge hidden under the mats - it seems more elegant if they seem to be hanging rather than floating in space.

Also I would try real hard to get the customer to find a picture of the person in uniform to put in with it. Add a bit more data such as unit, dates and where served, ship etc (engraved plate or caligraphy) and the piece tells a little story when viewed. This adds emotion which helps the customer spend a little more.

Just my opinions. Your piece is well done, simple, and elegant!

PS When framing medals be sure to get them in the correct order as if they were being worn!
hmmm, pretty neat and perfectly acceptable. I might have considered using something other than a gold frame (timber, big fat timber), when the golds don't match throughout it seems a little "icky" to me. Is the name plate new? it appears to have been made recently and the square corners make it "jump" a bit too much somehow (too clean looking???). I like the layout however the badges in (I can only assume they go in order) the middle look out of line (2&4 are slightly higher), is this intentional or just the angle of the picture?
hmmm.... still thinking
The design elements are good. I find the transition from the moulding to the mount a bit abrupt and the objects feel crowded by the frame. Would rather see a deep scoop liner with a matching fillet to give the objects more space. The arrangement is a good design, but I was wondering if they are in correct postion in relationship to one another. When doing militaria I consult an expert in the field to assure that the higherarchy (sp?) of the elements is correct. The nameplate has a bit too strong a design presence. A plate with a bit more subtlety perhaps.

Thanks for subjecting yourself to our critique. Reminds me of the days back in art school.