Denglas vs Tru Vue


Grumbler in Training
May 11, 2004
I would appreciate any advice or recommendations regarding White Water Denglas vs. Tru Vue AR Reflection Free. (These are not the UV blocking glass.)
I began using AR glass in December on some photographs we did for a corporate account. I now keep it in stock and sell quite a bit of it (I have several examples of art framed with AR glass on the walls). It does have more UV qualities than regular glass, and I do explain the difference to my customers as well as the price difference. I'm so enamoured that I'm reframing my personal things with AR. And Tru Vue's price on AR just dropped!
Thanks for the information, Sherry. According to Tru Vue, their regular glass blocks 45% UV and the AR blocks 78%. Their Conservation UV blocking glass blocks 97% UV. For my purposes, 78% is more than adequate.