denglas closed?


Apr 4, 2006
Upon placing our don-mar order, we were told that denglas was out of business. Anyone else hear that? I searched denglas and couldnt find any info regarding this....
I hadn’t heard of that.

I know that Don Mar dropped ImagePerfect some time age (? out of business I assume?).

But the DenGlas web site is still up and running.
i just went there (the denglas site) as well, hmm...makes me wonder. we use uv (preservation) denglas all the time.
I just finished talking with Denglas and unfortunately they are going out of business. Many distributors still have stock so call and place your orders now before their inventory is gone.

Denglas was a great company with a fantastic product. They will be missed.
Some savy vendor are even calling accounts that have purchased good quantities in the past. Hence, the vendors will close out the stock at regular price.

Lemons for Denglas to lemonade for some swift framers.

That reminds me of Kehlog Albran's wonderful book from years ago. It was named The Profit.

You might remember it.

I will quite the passage:

Then the Master reminded us of how fragile glass is indeed.

Glass is made from such simple items as sand, lime and fire.

If during the manufacture you substitute one item, you have not glass.

If you substitute sugar for sand, you have not glass.

If you substitute lemons for lime you have not glass.

If you substitute water for fire, you have not glass.

The student then asked: "Master, what would you have?"

The Master answered: "Lemonade."
So the real question now is... what can we expect in the way of prices from the remaining glass provider to the industry?
Just received a notice from one of our suppliers yesterday, TV has increased by $2-$4/case from them as of May oneth.

I have a customer who LOVES Denglas Water White. I have a project in house to use 2 cases.

Hearing the news this week was disappointing.

The consensus is TV AR is the most likely replacement and have samples on the way to make my own comparison.

Any feeling as to whether TV AR has a bit of color in it?
(Something I heard)

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