DELL Notebooks

Dell Customer (No) Support leaves a lot to be desired. I have an Inspiron 8500 with a problem caused by a defective Dell Port Replicator. Unfortunately I can not find a way through the Dell tech support menu system to find anybody to accept responsibility and fix my laptop. I also could not get a refund for the defective part. Tne only thing I could manage was to find a person who was "authorized" to provide a warranty replacement but would not issue a refund. The unit was one week old when it damaged my laptop.
Needless to say, I am not a Dell fan and don't recommend them. Maybe if their tech support would come back to the U.S. and I could find somebody to understand my complaint I would feel differently. As it stands I have a $2000 paper weight.
It's all a matter of dollars. You can get good US based easy and fast support from Dell. I always buy from their Small Business Division and ALWAYS specify 3 year next business day on-site service. In a package when purchasing, it is usually very economical - I don't buy offers that don't include a good price for that service.

You get what you pay for.
Pat :D
You shouldn't have to pay extra for customer returns for new hardware. Especially for items that are defective out of the box.
Didn't we see a flurry of sales from Dell about a year ago. I mean more agressive than usual. Something about their fiscal year ending on April 30.
I see where the deals on laptops is getting better incrementally.

Sorry about your experience with Dell, Danimal. I have 3 PCs from them and have only had one need to call tech support and they were quick and accurate. I even fumbled a mail in rebate and they handled it for me and made it good even after it's expiration date.

I looking to get a laptop this year. Waiting to see if the prices get down to where they were in the spring or 2005.
My experience with DELL has be very good. The three desktops in the shop are about 8 years old and have been trouble trouble free, other than occassional software issues.
same here. We have had 2 at home, 2 at the shop, and we both have Dell Laptops. My previous 2 laptops were also Dells. Never a single issue with any of them. I have never had to call for support.

The only issue I had was with their credit department once, when my identity was somehow crossed with someone elses who had a different SS#. I gave up trying to get that straightened out and re-applied. It was IMPOSSIBLE to get someone from their finance company on the phone to discuss it.

It's frustrating that some jobs were outsourced, and that they have poor communications sometimes withing their phone system, but the price and quality are usually good.