deep shadowbox mouldings


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Jul 12, 2001
Middleburg, FL
I have had a lot of shadowbox jobs come through my doors recently.
It is a love/hate thing with me.
It is good money...although sometimes I wonder if I'm really charging enough.
After all they take more time to design and don't get me started on mounting the objects!

Anyway...A customer came in this morning with a Thai Puppet that she would like put into a simple silver shadowbox moulding.
Only problem is that the darn thing has a wooden head that will require a 3" deep moulding.

What to do?
I thought of acrylic box with moulding around it but she didn't like the idea and I have to admit that I'm not overly fond of that look myself.

Does anyone know of a simple silver moulding that is 3" deep?

I know I can always build a shallower moulding out but, gee, wouldn't it be nice to do something simpler for a change?!?!

I know it's a long shot but I thought maybe someone would know of something.

I think I'm becoming known for creating shadowboxes.

Be careful what you wish for!!!!
Order comvex slumped glass from ILO.

There are some very tall gold & silver, and I think they are LJ or Roma... I'm not at the shop yet.

But I think they price out higher than what I can buy a 6" deep nice Closed Corner for.

Then for another thought... how about one of those new thin-wall, square or oval, DEEP ILO's.? I think they went 4"...
Southern moulding has some very nice very deep shadowbox mouldings. Also, we're doing a lot with Xylo's unfinished mouldings these days. They also have 3" deep moulding plus extenders to make them as deep as you need them to be.

Of course there are the "boxers" and Decor has some "boxer-type" mouldings as well.

Nurre Caxton 63302. Buy it direct and have them join it.

I ordered a 72938 which is 3 inches wide and the join is perfect, no putty needed at all. Their moulding also seems to always match the sample. Their phone number is : 800 255 1942
Here's another idea:
Stack two mouldings from the same "family", one cut & joined horizontally the usual way, and one cut & joined vertically. The normal moulding would fit inside the rabbet of the vertical moulding,

I think there's an article coming up in PFM on this; maybe the next issue. It's about framing a large vintage poster, which required extraordinary width as well as some depth.
In shadowbox classes, framers sometimes comment that they "can't make any money on object framing".

Yes they can. The key to profitability is estimating the time & materials accurately, and adding a fair profit. The accuracy comes with experience, so practicepracticepractice and build some stunning gallery models.

Object framing is my favorite niche, and the reason I'm still here with a COGS of less than 18%.
Jim, if I ever make it to a city where you are teaching I will take your course.
I have learned a lot from asking questions here.
You have given me advice more than once on object mounting...including mylar(yes, I'm still using a roll of mylar) strips to mount a hand made fan a few years ago.
I've been using that technique ever since.

I think I decided that shadowboxes might be a good niche to fill at that time and it looks like I am developing a name.
Now to get that pricing thing worked out so they are really profitable!

The best thing about this forum is getting the advice of so many people that have so much knowledge.

Thanks to Betty for letting me know that Xylo has a silver finish!

I was trying to avoid stacking...looking for the easy way out this time!