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Decorative paper slitter


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 13, 1999
There was a posting on the FRAMERS ONLY Facebook group for information on a cutter to slit decorative marbleized paper.

As I understand it, the tool is no longer available. I created a CAD model for the tool and made a 3-D prototype (see Photo). I can make additional copies of the tool for $45 US plus shipping. The tool will be sold without the 15 blades it is designed for. The design is for .012" blades. If there is a blade between every divider the strips will be 1/8". If a blade is inserted in every other divider the strips will be 1/4".

Payment via Paypal
Contact me: Jerry_at_minoxy.com



Humble Picture Framer
Forum Support Team
Forum Donor
Oct 9, 2007
Well that is pretty cool. Not in my world, but I will pass it along to the artists I deal with.
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