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Nov 19, 1998
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I have recieved several e-mail alerts in the past two weeks about deadlines to purchase this publication for future distribution. Has anyone used this advertising vehicle or are currently using it?

Does it have a quality look? Is it effective in your advertising program? Does it mention brand names in the industry as we know them. All comments, as usual, are welcome.
We bought the most recent edition, but decided against going with it again.

It's a well put together piece, but (in our opinion) lacked content which was aimed at our business (we dont sell readymades, easels, or gifts and articles were about that - etc). I shared this with them, and was told that theyre improving it soon to have general/educational articles such as the importance of UV glass, etc.

Perhaps in the future we will reconsider, but our own newsletters seem to bring in a much higher return. We're running out of content ideas :( heh

I tried the Decor magazine recently and have done everything but do a mailing with them. I like the look but agree there should be more informational articles concerning actual framing. Maybe a question and answer type column with 'experts'.

I understand the seasonal publishing but what about regional articles. There is no reason to get the winter publication since we don't have winter.

Has anyone mailed these out and what is the postage scale??? I tried to find out and my post office phone number call (which probably is in Alaska) just told me to look it up on the internet.
Okay...what type of mailing is this, I don't have a true periodical that needs a license to mail... and I couldn't get the weight and where does the address go?

Needless to say I have not mailed these out to anyone.
Hi! Want to address this question, since it comes out a lot. I think that some framers are getting confused about what they'd like to see in a consumer publication versus what consumers would actually like to see. What we've learned, from extensive testing with consumers fitting the demographics we're looking, is that no one--and I mean no one--in any of the focus groups was interested in reading a magazine that mainly covered custom framing. They told us they'd rather see a magazine that focused on wall decor and decorating, with a slant on how custom framing fits into the scene. That's how we've directed the editorial for this product, based completely on what consumers want to see. I have to say that it concerns me somewhat that many framers think they know what consumers want, but really don't have a good grasp on this. DECOR Home is produced to help that.

It's a growing and evolving project, like many things, but I think the core editorial direction that DECOR Home is taking will remain the same. We're testing each issue with consumer focus groups to ensure that we remain on track.

And, thanks! It does look great!

Never heard of it.

How about sending Less a copy?
In my opinion, It's a great looking piece that may be read buy the consumer, but it doesn't drive them to come to a frame shop. The ink jet store name does not equate to the quality of the rest of the book. The consumer recognizes it o be a lick-n-stick pass through that does'nt relate to the actual store that sent it to them.
Again, this is just my opinion.
I have used them, but in all honesty, I haven't done as much with them as I should have to have a good test. My customers have been impressed with them. And they do seem to like the articles.

The thing I DON'T like is that the last issue came with a price on it! What's the deal with that? Yeah, I know all about the "perceived" value thing, but whan I put them in doctors, dentist, etc offices, I don't want a price on them. I had to put them in a magazine rack with "Free - take one" before they'd even begin to pick them up.

And besides that, they don't look like they should cost $1.95.

Yeah, my newsletter works better. So my customers must like my content pretty well...