Decor from 1949

Marc Lizer

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Jun 28, 1999
North Hollywood, CA
OK folks. I'm posting it on this forum, not as "for sale" but as a Decor Content from 1949

Here is the link to the listing on e-bay.

With so many pix, leaving it on e-bay (and not posting the pix here) will use thier bandwith and not The Grumble.

I tired doing corrections, but it gets old after a while.

Really neat stuff about our trade from just after WWII.

This is my most recent old mag I have. And I have only this one month.

Read the articles. Cool "modern" stuff.
Some folks that have "fine toothed" both issues have pointed out some interesting things.

Subscription price:
United States, its possessions, Cuba and Mexico


All other foreign countries

And in 1949:

One year $2.00.
Three years $5.00

Foreign subscriptions,
One year $4.00.
Three years $10.00

The do not mention Canada in 1949 in subscription rates.

in 1949, they are located in St. Louis, and not Chicago.

Phone Numbers:
They are 6 digit phone numbers in the ads. That is when the ads even have a phone number listed. About half do. The magazine's phone nubmer is GArfield 5446, or 42-5446.

Also in the 1919 issue there are no phone numbers listed on any of the ads. Or even in the contact info to the mag/publisher. not one phone number, even in the classifieds.

This is only a 30 year gap between the issues, but yet that's a big change.

The modern version is now every ad has an e-mail address or a website listed, but 30 years ago in 1975 (or even 1985 for that matter) not one ad would have had a website or e-mail address.