Decor Expo, parking at the Omni Hotel


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 15, 2004
Frankfort, IN
I realize it's valet parking, but we will not be arriving until mid morning on Friday. Does anyone know if the Omni Hotel will let you park there until check-in time (3:00pm) so we can go to the show? This will be our first time going, and I sure would appreciate any info from anyone who has stayed there.
I'm looking forward to seeing other grumblers there. Is there any kind of get-together where other grumblers are meeting? Thanks.

Anyone can park there - not just hotel guests so it shouldn't be a problem parking before check-in.
There is usually a grumblers meeting at the Omni Bar on Friday night, but I don't think anyone has taken the initiative yet. Go for it!
In the past we've convened for cocktail hour at the Omni on Friday and reserved space at Pitty-Pat's Porch* for a dinner on Saturday.

We just need to get a head count for the dinner so we can have enough room for everyone. Maybe Mike could set up some kind of poll about planned attendance at the various activities. Have it cut off a week in advance so we would have a total and make the reservation. (There's usually some room for extras and we have had a couple of last minute drop-outs and it doesn't seem to upset them an awful lot).

*Southern style home cookin'.
I will be at the Omni Bar on Friday just after the show closes to bully those who need it, meet those I met last year and forgot already (nametags are essential, please) and generally support a darn good time. We share hors d'oevres, and split the bill(s) with drinks being cash bar. They have good waitresses there who keep track of everyone even when we (might) move. We'll keep going until things die off. If you come too late you may miss it, but we always stay until a while after classes let out if there are evening classes this year. Good idea to do a poll!
It all sounds good. It will be nice to meet those that attend. The wife and I will be there for sure on Friday evening. Thanks for all the information.

Ellen, you know if I make it to the Omni Bar this year, I will be absolutely crushed if you don't make me switch seats at some point.

You can BET there will be seat switching! Else how do we get to talk to ALL the folks there? It's kind of like a cocktail party (or the Useless Thread) except we sit down. But there is definitely seat switching...