Decor and PFM, Why So Late for Me?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 10, 2000
I didn't get my PFM magazine until late last week. From the "I want to be first thread", some of you had yours as early as 3/29. No wonder I didn't know what the heck you were all talking about! I didn't get my Decor mag. until yesterday, 4/15. According to the "Do You Have a Policy" thread, some had that mag. as early as 4/4.

Why should I be getting my magazines alomst two weeks after many others? Not fair!

I would like to let John Taff know I read Decor at lunch. I did't like reading about whale guts at that time!

No, you are not alone. I don't get my Decor until the middle of the month either. I got the "whale guts" issue 3 days ago.

It is frustrating to have to wait a half month for the information that everyone else has been talking about for weeks.

I'm another one that gets the magazines late in the idea why.
Remember the achievement tests in grade school?

"Now, children, nobody open the test until everyone has theirs... Ready, set? Open!"

We'll just make a pact that nobody read them until everyone has them!



Betty :D
I'll tell you a little secret. Just don't spread it around.

Before I landed in Grumbleland and rejoined the PPFA and rediscovered a thirst for framing knowledge, my Decor magazines would often sit for MONTHS in the plastic wrap without being opened. And my PFM subscription had lapse altogether.

Sometimes I'll be looking for something in the boxes in my basement and run across an unopened Decor Magazine from 1998.

I'm hope you're sitting down, Betty, as I'm sure this must be upsetting. :D
Hi! Glad you liked the whale guts! Sorry it had to be read at lunch. Ughhh!

Seriously, we're getting DECOR out earlier than ever. The April issue actually went into the mail the beginning of the last full week in March. As is usual, though, getting to either coast seems to take a little longer than we'd like. But we're working on it!
While I was subscribed to Decor I often recieved the issues within a week of the related posts on the G.

Note for John: Allowing the subscription to expire was unintentional, well at least I think it expired, it just stopped turning up. I found this unusual as almost all trade mags let you know when your subscription is due again.
Lance, a while ago there was a fuss on TG because people were getting calls 6-9 months before their subscription expired.

My own experience is that they usually give you ample, multiple warnings. For me, it's like that gas gage that starts flashing when you have "only" 3-4 gallons left. I tend to ignore it, knowing I can drive another 100 miles. I have been known to ignore it right up until I'm standing at the roadside wondering how far I'll have to walk to the next gas station.

And, yes, my Decor subscription has briefly lapsed on 2-3 occasions.