Dear Hugh.

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Dear Hugh.

Who died and made you king of Picture Framing Magazine? In the future could you please not include every little detail and relevant fact about framing in one easy to read section? I would really like more ads and less useful content. I like framing information to be obscure and hard to find. This way I can’t be held responsible. Because of your thorough article, I am now forced to read and learn. I much prefer gazing at ads.

Ok all sarcasm aside! Kudos. What an awesome “section” in PFM. Is there anything you don’t know about framing? Anybody who gets PFM needs to remove this section and store it with their tax information. The information therein is as important.

Thanks Hugh!
Oooooh, you almost had me mad there, Jay...

But, I'll have to say, I agree!

Hugh Phibbs is genuine, friendly, and sincere, but what I like best is his willingness to share his wealth of experience and knowledge with those of us who rarely have access to his corner of the framing world.
I like that he wrote into his job description at the National Gallery that he was to be totally accessible to framers. I use information garnered from his classes and from direct communication on a daily basis.
A definite candidate for the Hall of Frame.
Thanks to you all. The spirit of sharing and eagerness to learn is what makes the framing community so easy to represent and praise in conservation circles.

Hugh, finally got a lunch long enough to go back over the aging and finishes. Very good and easy to understand. Even for a Knot-head like me.

The rag fillets are still confusing me. Are you making them rectilinear then mitering them? Or were they just drawn that way for clarity but made in closed corner?

The issue is now on my nightstand weighing down my copy of "The History of Picture Frames".... :D