damaged mattes


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 26, 2003
Alberta CANADA
The Framing Nook
Please help - I know this has been asked before I - even recently - I searched but couldn't find.

What can you do if you are on the last matboard available (you know that's not true but I thought I'd add that so you don't say chuck it and get another) and someone (and you know it wasn't me) tried to erase a pencil mark (which was there from the factory right) and you are left with a fuzzy spot on the paper matte.

I tried padding it with a damp cloth to no avail.

Any ideas other than make the whole matte fuzzy!!!!
You could try ironing it, but think of time as money. Don't spend $40 of your time to fix a $10 mat.
Very fine sand paper helped me once, but the next time it just made a mess - with some practice it could be a suitable method. Otherwise place it carefully on the lawn and run it over with the mower...