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Aspen CO

Grumbler in Training
Jun 2, 2005
Aspen, CO
I was in a class at WCAF with Paul Macfarland. He spoke of a D-roller in one of the classes and said it was not widely available, but to contact him if we were interested. Does anyone know anything about this or how to get in touch with him?
Sorry I have no contact for Paul…….perhaps you might be able to get in touch with him via the PPFA www.ppfa.com

What is the application …..is it to de-cockling just after printing!!!!! Xerox had some sort of system back in the early 1990’s for that sort of application…..

Or is for de-cockling……an old piece of paper!!!!!…….

I vaguely recall a discussion here on the Grumble quite some time ago by one of the Guys from Australia about a system for un-rolling posters……but I cannot find it on a search….


This is new product that is manufactured by Elmers: formerly Hunt, Seal, Bienfang. It will be introduced in Atlanta and available from distributors around then.
I saw this unroller thingy in an ad in the latest PFM (I think). It is for unrolling rolled-up paper - their motto is "2 minutes flat!" It sounds like a neat gadget but no info other than that.
I saw it demonstrated in Orlando in January. It is very nicely made, and certainly does the trick. It is, however, about $300, which isn't bad for the fine quality construction... but I didn't buy one yet.
I was in that class of Paul's and he said it was NEW ( I think I brought it up here then). But then that was a couple of years ago. He was highly recommending it and he said it went for over $250 ,2 years ago. If it truly works every time it might be worth it but for now I reverse roll prints over an old packing tube and then tighten them down a bit for a while strokeing the outside with my hand .Just be careful not to kink the edges.

From what I saw this Gizmo did the same thing only much quicker and with a lot less effort.But then a old tube cost nothing.LOL Did I say I live on a very tight budget( Talk about TIGHT).ROTFWLMAO
I'm sure veterans would be aware of this, but for newbies, never ever roll something that could crack or flake. Silk screens friable/unstable media etc.