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D&K Coatings - New technology Mounting Tissue (NTMT) Anyone use this

Larry Peterson

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Resource Provider
Apr 8, 2003
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I decided to take a flyer and try some Drymount tissue that I saw on eBay at:


The description reads:

"From D&K Coatings - New technology Mounting Tissue (NTMT) is a superior grade dry mount tissue designed for mounting artwork, photos and prints to a variety of substrates. It features a neutral pH and is archival.

NTMT is excellent for mounting fine art prints, standard lithographs, watercolor papers, fabrics, ink jet papers (coated and uncoated) to standard mat board, rag board, foam board, Gator board and more. Compare to Bienfang BufferMount and TM2. Item Number NTMT3651502.

Benefits include:
Environmentally friendly
No odor
Mounts in under 2 minutes
Easy to handle
Convenient dispenser box
Permanent bond

Operating Characteristics
Press Temperature - 190 to 200 degrees
Recommended time - 1.5 minutes
pH base - 7
Base material - porous
Thickness - 3 mil"

Have any of you every used it. This price was about 1/4 of what ColorMount costs and am curious of your opinions. I plan to experiment with some throw-away stuff to see how it works before trying anything decent.
How will you test this adhesive? Peel test? Will you also test other brands the same way and compare results? Aging? Humitity? How will you test for aging and humidity.

If you are using an old style mechanical press, steam will make "steam bubbles" under some papers and photographs starting around 212° F.

It's been my experience that not only are the thermostats not very accurate but there are hot spots (and cold spots) that may give you steam in one area and not another.

With a heat & vacuum press, you should be able to lower their recommended temperature to get away from steam issues.

Their claims about ink jet papers needs scrutiny. I've heard that some inks-papers are heat sensitive.
It does seem a bit high on the recommended temperatures, especially in comparison to Buffermount (I believe their range is 165-185).

If it's cheap and works it could be used for poster grade stuff, but I would be very skeptical about their "archival" reference without independent corroboration, and in agreement with Greg's comments about ink jet heat sensitivity.
My plans for the stuff are to use it on low grade "poster" level stuff. I use, and will continue to use, ColorMount for the "good" stuff.

I have an almost new 4468 Vacuum Press so teperature control is no problem.

As to testing...I'm not sure. any suggestions?
Why not ask the manufacturers just exactly how THEY tested it to be able to make all of these claims? In a former life I tested adhesive for United Air Lines and sold Seal my design for their 2nd heat & vacuum press back in the 70's. And....I can't imagine how I would even begin to test drymount tissue.

So why are you mounting the "Good Stuff"? If it's good, it probably should'nt be mounted, just hinged.

oooh! Opening the can-o-worms - I love it.