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Searching For cutting wheels for keencut system 4000

manny costa

Grumbler in Training
Jun 12, 2020
I've came across a used keencut system 4000 glass cutter for $100
and the machine appears to be in well kept condition and the seller has extra blades.

if i'm not mistaken, the blades for cutting foamcore and mating are the same blades that are used in newer models

but I've learned that keencut no longer produces the carbide glass cutting wheels and the machine only has one installed within the turret...

however, learning that each cutting wheel can cut upto 1 mile of glass and given my volume of production at this time, i think the $100 dollar investment may be worth it to have a really well built machine for atleast a few years... so i'm trying to source some cutting wheels!

keencut use to sell in packs of 5 and foster sells individually but are out of stock

part # TGCW-Black Holder -T/C Glass Cutting Wheels

does any one have any or know of a source other than keencut or fosterkeencut?

also, does anyone have this glass cutter and willing to have a phone call?
the buyer is not a picture framer and never used the machine

should i just simply avoid this glass cutter and not take the chance?



MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Sep 22, 2009
Do you know if the Glass Cutter wheels for the Excalibur 5000 would work on that model?
The part number for them is 69114.
If Foster doesn't have them in stock, I see then listed here: http://teklineproducts.com/keencut-blades-parts/?sort=newest&page=2
If the wheel is of the right diameter, but the housing doesn't match, you may be able to the old housing, with the new wheel.

We are quite happy with our used Foster 5000.
We had to order a few parts when we set it up (2 years after we bought it)

We had gotten some parts through Ibuystore.com
They have a link on their site for fosterkeencutparts.com
Not sure if they can find things not on that site.


manny costa

Grumbler in Training
Jun 12, 2020
thanks Brian,
i checked your link and they don't appear to look the same unfortunately.

this is the only image i was able to find which is on the kleencut website

i thought about the idea of using the same housing and some how switching the wheels with after market cutting wheels. but I've yet to see this part in person so not sure if i trust this course of action as of yet
but good idea-ish...


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