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Cutting Moulding Help Please


Oct 27, 2003
If you are cutting POLY moulding with a Dewalt saw that cuts across the moulding instead of a double-mitre saw, etc.....what RPM and horsepower would you set it at? Anyone with any information, please let us know!
You have a miter saw that allows you to adjust speed and horsepower? What model is that? I want one. Most of us have to put up with fixed speed and horsepower in our miter saws.

If you cut poly mouldings exclusively, buy a blade made for that material. If you cut all kinds of moulding, as I do, then use a blade with as few teeth as possible, and push it through the plastic as fast as you can. If you go slowly, the plastic will melt.
Horsepower and rpm really aren't issues in cutting poly. You can get a blade designed for poly. The problem is most blades tend to melt the material. We've found that the faster the blade goes through the poly the better the cut. The faster the cut, the less time for heat to build up. A chopper is about the ideal machine for cutting the stuff; it's what we use.
When I was looking at poly mouldings I asked the suplier how to cut with a saw, and they said to use a nonstick spray (pam) on the blade. I tried this on a sample but I have not stocked the poly mouldings as of yet.
When I bought a saw I figured I'd dump the chopper ... but no! I'm so glad I have both! The chopper is great for poly, rabbetspace, fillets, and more. Plus I love the solidity of my Jyden. But there again I love my saw too!