Cutting Edge Designs Miter Sander


Apr 27, 2004
Hi - I've been reading past discussions on miter sanders and have only come across Logan or AMP models being talked about. I was wondering how those two models compare to Cutting Edge Designs' dual miter sander.

If you have a cutting edge sander can you please let me know how you like it.

This is like literally re-inventing the wheel for 3x the price. You can go to Harbor Freight and buy an excellent 12" disk sander for $99.95. Then you can through away the POS miter gauge that comes with it and goto and get yourself a decent one. I customed machined a jig to use with mine and power up the sander and then shut it off. I just sand with the inertia of the spinning disc. Works like a charm.

You know Marc, I also used to chuckle about "those gaget freaks" spending all that wasted money just because they couldn't chop right, or wheren't on top of their suppliers for fobbing off bad chops.....

Tuesday, with 3 hours till customer picks up, Max delivered me horrable chops that they had routed so bad that the inserts didn't fit.
I had to super-glue plugs in the slots, then shave cut the miter, and V-nail..... Oh, did I mention that I DID NOT ORDER the ROUTING!!

Tuesday night Larson drops of two chops that look like BEAVER chew.......
So this morning, 6am and shave cut bad chops, and crumbling plaster shell....

A sander might have fixed them....

But then throwing away samples of problem mouldings works too. :D