Cutting 3mm Hardboard on Fletcher 3100

S Patterson

Jan 28, 2003
New Zealand
When cutting 3mm untempered hardboard the last corner ripes out. What are we doing wrong? Generally the other 3 sides will be OK. Now don't be biased boys, but pulling through the hardboard is a struggle especially the last bit.

The obvious is to finish with a stanley knife - but I feel I should be able to get a good result with the Fletcher 3100.
Mr or Mrs S,

Does the material rest completely across the gap at the bottom? or is this a small sliver that you're removing. This would make a difference in the finish of this extremely dense material.

(Consultant to The Fletcher-Terry Co.)
Hiya Sarah, the cutter head for that type of board may be jammed up, check to see if the wheels are turning on it, they are supposedly made to last forever but they will spend most of their life jammed.