Grumbler in Training
Jun 28, 2004
Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie, just registered, and I have a question please. Will the same cutter that cuts the mats cut glass?

I am looking for something similar to this to cut glass.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions,comments,advise.

Welcome to The G!

Most wall mounted cutters cut both glass and board. Mat cutters that actually cut the window opening in the mat do not cut glass, at least I've never seen one.
SpeedMat Wall Cutters do cut the beveled window opening as well as having a straight line cutter on the right side of the machine for scoring glass and plexi as well as for cutting mat blanks to size. You can go to their web site for more info
Now why in the world would anyone want to cut a window opening in glass???

oh never mind.

Thank you all for the information. I will check to see if there are any used ones.
by the way how do I have my signature under my name on my messages.?????

Again, thanks to everyone for you suggestions, comments and advice.
Go to the top of the page you're looking at.

Click on "My Profile"
Click "Edit Profile"
Scroll down and you'll see a line labeled "Signature". Whatever you type in that box will become your 'sig line' everytime you post. Unless you choose to turn off the 'signature' on a particular post.

Then, be sure and continue to scroll down to the grey box that says "Update Profile"
Click on it, and then just hit 'back' button until you get back to where you were.
Thence, every post will have whatever you typed in the 'signature' box.

Welcome to the 'G'
Why am I ttraining?
How long is training?
and what am being trained for?
Why am I ttraining?
So that Cap’n English can assess your grammar and punctuation.
How long is training?
Duh, … how high is up?
and what am being trained for?
You’ll be contacted by some strange guys in black suits during the next full moon … shhh, it’s supposed to be a secret.
I like the post quote, Not taking life serious and it ain't permanent.

Happy 4th to everyone from the grammatical queeeen.
Originally posted by Korner:
Happy 4th to everyone from the grammatical queeeen.
Does this mean that you are in contention for Captain English's job, or does it mean you are a Gay English Major?
hehahehaehaehehehehehe I am really going to answer you. I am both, not one or the other. hehehhe lololololol I see I am going to enjoy this place. so much humor.

Seriously, neither, I will do better, teacher...
Now that is over, I hope does anyone know where the used cutters that will cut glass?

I have look at all the places suggested and they are much more than I can afford.

I was looking maybe in the ball park of $30-50.00.

Am I expecting to much? You think that is realistic?