Customers are inspirational!! Great idea...


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Jun 13, 2002
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You have probably all done one of these in the past but I had never seen one before.

Customer comes in with a framed wedding invitation made into a little tray just by adding handles on each end!

What a great little gift idea. I love it.

She had another one to be done which I am doing!! I can't wait. She is providing the handles - has taken the frame sample to go choose/match color cabinet handles. She advised that the moulding has to be deep enough to screw in from the inside of the rabbet and the handle must be able to be shortened or short enough to not protrude beyond the thickness of the side of the moulding.

This is so cool. Has anyone done this before!?

And here is the kicker - she is from Boston MA but is from here and her daughter is a customer already... but she looks familiar. When I take her credit card and see the name - I ask where she went to high school - and, yes the reason for the familiar face - we were in the same class - way back when. A mini-reunion!!

That's what makes this business fun - when things like that happen!!

Reunion Roz

It is a small world after all, isn't it? This sounds neat! We need more info or a picture! Is this just for looks or can this tray serve a purpose? I need to make one for display!

Thanks for the idea!
Made a tray using Presto #4712. Mirror base. customer loved it, use it as a centerpiece for their table, or to serve drinks on!

Presto's web site 4712 is on page 3. Clunky web site, good moulding!
if using glass on the tray, use heavier glass (window glass). the glass also need to be sealed to the frame encase of spills and cleaning.
Once I complete the project and photograph it I will ask one of our posting guru's to post it for all to see...

This one is very small - so I don't even think the heavier glass or sealing is necessary as it probably won't really be used as a tray. But that is a great technique for larger ones.

The finished size is only 7 1/2 x 10 or so!!

The customer thought it would be great for any annoucement, invite, or for that matter - how 'bout a special vacation picture or baby announcement. It can easilly be made to hang as decor!!

The applications seem endless....

She went to high school with you and she still gets out and drives a car and goes shopping?

That IS inspirational!

(Short sarcasm break. Back to work now.)

Ahem, Ron... and she can still hear!! Isn't it amazing! Okay back in your cubical. Do your shoes match today!! tee hee

I finished this tray project yesterday - and it really turned out nice!! Once I get my picture back I'll have it posted.

I did learn some tricks to it.

Need a deep enough moulding to allow screws/hardware to be in a nice position on edges of frame.

When I drilled for the screw holes I then made a sink area on the inner side of the rabbet so the screw would be flush with the rabbet. The customer had provided the proper length 3/4" screws but they had a round head and I purchased flat head screws which worked beautifully.

I also cut the glass, mat and foamcore so it was a good fit without too much leeway.

Put a coordinating suede mat with beveled edges on the back side for table top placement.

The edges were white so I used a silver metallic marker to enhance the look and also used the marker on the back of the frame so it looked nice as well.

It was so easy and looks so good - a great gift idea. I plan to do one with the same traditional moulding and one with a more contemporary look for display!!
Thanks for sharing that great idea Roz!

I wonder if you could use Elmer's to glue a piece of felt to the bottom of the entire package.

And did I understand you, that you used hardware store glass (thicker)? and silicone around the edges to seal?

GREAT thread!
Sherry Lee,

Glad you like this idea, too!

The idea of felt on the bottom sounds like it wouldn't be stable unless it was mounted to a board to keep it flat... could work. So could a board wrapped with a pretty fabric or moire as well!

Also, I did not use hardware glass - I was referring to the Hardware for the handles on each end of the tray! The customer went and picked out handles from the cabinet section... her first selection was not the right tone of metal with the frame she chose - so she went and her next selection worked really nicely. These are handles with a 3" measure... if a smaller tray is used - there may be smaller width handles to chose from.

Once I post a picture - if you have other questions - I'll elaborate more!!
I like the idea! Can't wait to see the picture (I am a visual type and need to see what you are describing). Another thought would be to use some "bump-ons" on the bottom of the tray to protect the table top.

I am still a novice at all this, so let me ask a dumb question......applying the sealant, did you place the glass in the frame and then "seal" it before adding the mat, announcement, and foam core? Approximately what depth of rabbit is needed for this application?

Thanks for sharing........