Customer Surveys

David Knox

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 8, 2001
Hillsborough NC
I am mulling over performing a customer questionnaire and researching how to conduct one. Have any of you used a survey to gain more information about how the public perceives your customer service, how satisfied they are with your framing service, etc. If you have, would you share some of the questions you used?
Not a direct answer to your question, but more a related thought, as a consumer I loathe being surveyed, and generally refuse to participate.
We have considered a survey, but decided against it, primarily for economic reasons.

From experience, deriving a truly unbiased questionnaire is extremely difficult. You need to choose your words carefully so as not to skew the results. A blatant example was during the Dole-Clinton campaign when I was asked, “Do you believe that a draft dodger is fit to be President?” (clearly a poll commissioned by the Dole folks).

Your questionnaire will need to be short or people will not take the time to fill it out. And, if they fill out a questionnaire at the POS sales counter, they will most likely give biased answers skewed in <u>your</u> favor. No one likes to tell some one face-to-face that they are lousy.

This means to get unbiased results, you need to have self addressed, stamped postcards which promise the customer anonymity so that they can fill out and return the postcards away from your critical, imploring eyes.

But, linking up a specific customer to a specific questionnaire would be very useful, but all but impossible if you keep the answers anonymous.

It won’t be easy.
Another option to consider is a focus group. Ask a dozen customers to get involved...Maybe even offer them an incentive. Make sure that they range in there spending habits. Then put some question in front of them and ask them to give feedback....You can even ask them for any additional input or ideas.