Customer had a FIT!


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Jul 10, 1999
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You'd think after being in business this long, I would have seen everything, but today when I told the customer that his little needlework that he cmae in wanting a single white mat on would be $192 (I am showing SIX mats and it looks FABULOUS!) he got this really strange look on his face. He said that he was on a new medication and it was making him feel funny. THEN he had an honest to God grand mal seizure, banging his head on the counter before dropping to the floor. I just put my hand on him to help calm him and waited for it to pass. He came out of it and apologized. He did opt to have us do the work (it could have been guilt for having 'made a scene') and then allowed us to drive him home. He said that it was the first time he ever had a seizure. And I thought then it was a first for both of us!
Oh . . . my . . . gosh; you meant a FIT literally. The sad thing about seizures is there is absolutely nothing you can do except try to keep the person from hurting themselves. I know you felt completely helpless. I hope today is uneventful for you--after that, boring would be a welcome I'm sure.
Just a thought for the future, as sinical as it may sound... DO NOT DRIVE HIM HOME! Call the paramedics. You could be found legally responsible for anything that happens to him on the way home.
Oy! And I thought it was scary when a customer had an anxiety attack in the store. (fortunately, I knew what to do, having had them myself)

It was nice of you to to see that he got home okay.

I hope he has his medication changed before he comes to pick up his order!
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
Cash the check right away, just in case!
Scarey recommendation from someone in the insurance field!

I hope your customer is alright, and that he follows up with his doctor. Hopefully the meds will be changed!
Sorry, that was insensitive.

My mother was a nurse. My wife is a nurse. I was a Red Cross First Aid instructor. I work for a health insurance company.

My life is one big worst-case scenario.
wow - that would totally freak me out! That poor man. I hope he will go to the doctor...

Good job on keeping your cool!
Ellen, that must've been scary for both of you. Sounds like you handled it well.

Hanna, what is the best thing to do if someone has an anxiety attack?
Ellen, do you think just possibly it could have been that 6th mat.... :D

Thank you for taking care of him. It may seem like he doesn't know whats going on when in the middle of a seizer... but they do.

They know when people just stand around, and they know when people place a calming hand on their heart. See, being around dogs is a great training. :D
Baer, the sixth mat had nothing to do with it, it was the 3 fillets, all reverse bevels and museum glass, nice upsale by the way.

But for real...

Nice job taking care of the man. I'm sure your patience and understanding is appreciated. I have a good friend who has seizures and he does appreciate people who move things out of the way, who do not try to hold him down, and who help to smooth over any embarrassment by not making a scene. I'm proud of you..