Custom Rounded frame; if, where?


Cliff Wilson

Customer brought in a 3/8 inch thick mirror she found behind her furnace in the basement. Would like to frame it.

Who could do this?
For approximately how much?


She would like something like a Larson Stradivarius II # 537886. (Mahogany colored Burl with black rope inside and outside edge.

Straight wood grain would be alright.

It is NOT symetrical. It is 20 1/8 inch wide and 36" high. The arcs appear to have been hand cut and are visually not exact, but close. The bottom two corners are 1" arcs, but not perfect.

She would like to keep it under $1000, but whatever it is, shhhh don't tell her husband.


We have the ILO line/samples if you wanna take a look at the finishes.

Thanks Judy and Mike,

I emailed them with a pointer to this thread. Their web site shows some MDF frames in this shape, but no where near this size. The Rosewood finish they show is probably the closest to what the customer was looking at, but I'd love to give her prices on something like the Larson finish as well. We'll see what they say.
cut a paper template send it to them they will make it and it will only be about 6 weeks yo will be making a good mark up if you keep it around 1000
Cliff, how set is she on the burl?
ILO doesn't do a real burl....
Can the lip be 1/2" instead of 1/4"?

I'm figuring about 18 feet of maupa, 22bft of 6/4 bass or tulip, 34' of compo rope, and maybe
20-30 hours.....

Was that $1,000 wholesale or retail . . .?

I already have the Stradivarious finish and varnish mixed.....

How soon did she need it after the first of the year?
I think price would drive her off the finish. I have a paper template. I took a rubbing on kraft paper and had her take the mirror back.

The $1000 was retail, but she'd spend a little more? Not sure what that means, but she was pointing at cherry, mahogany and similar colored burls when she was showing me what she liked.

I sent ILO a note on their web site. If I don't hear from them today, I'll give them a call.

And, Baer, if I give her the option of "a similar look to the Larson" could I say "around 2k?" I'm game to try to convince her!

Oh yeah, the lip can be 1/2", in fact, it would probably be better, because it isn't the best edge in the world.
InLine will custome make a frame for you. There is a set up fee, and then the price of the frame. Considering that it is going to be a "One of a kind" frame, their prices are VERY afordable.

I'm sure that they will be able to help you get the right frame.

They have a new profile that is a wide, flat moulding, which they can add a rope design on the flat area. Then they can do the finish in a painted mahogany. Should be what your customer is looking for.
You could also do a segmented arc frame with the LJ moulding and rout out the back of the frame to accomodate the mirror.