Custom Framing Classes


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Mar 18, 2004
Kennett Square, PA
I just got back from a custom framing class at Complete Framer Supply in Ft. Lauderdale. My business partner and I purchased an art gallery and want to provide custom framing. The class was GREAT! Pam MacFadden was the instructor and was fantastic. We learned so much from her. It was 5 itensive, full days of hands-on classes. She covered everything from mat cutting, design, shop setup, equipment, shadow boxes, specialty framing, etc., etc., etc. We were exhausted at the end of each day which sometimes went til 6:00 or so from 9:00 in the morning and it was well worth every minute. Pam not only is extremely knowledgeable and patient, but she's also a really nice person. The class is well worth the trip and is very reasonably priced...much more so than all of the others that we looked into. There were no sales pitches, just a wonderful learning environment. I highly recommend the class. In fact, I mentioned to both Pam and Adam (the 2nd in charge at CFS) that if they ever decide to hold an intermediate class that I would definitely sign up. Thanks, Pam and Adam for a wonderfully educational experience!

You will love this business! I have seen fabulous things (and a lot of junk), done wonderful jobs (and a few I am ashamed of), served some great customers (and a few I hope I never see again) and generally had a really good time for 25 years.
Thanks Ellen for the encouragement. I loved the class, the work, the creativity. It's great. We actually didn't do too badly. I brought a couple of pieces of art to frame and they look pretty good for a beginner. I cut the mats on a Fletcher mat cutter during the week; however, I used the Wizard to frame my certificate on Friday morning and love it. We'll probably rent one about a month before we open in September. I did consulting for years and really don't like it anymore and am looking forward to loving what I do and being able to be creative.
Gosh !

Thanks Marjorie. Even though it may seem like it -I really don't send my students to the Grumble so they can rave about what a great class we had. BUT it sure is nice to hear. Thanks for your very kind words. That was a really fun class - of course they all are but I really enjoyed meeting you and Sheila.

All the best,

Hey Pam,

I swear you didn't ask me to write anything in the Grumble; however you did tell everyone in class about the Grumble and about what a great resource it is for any and all kinds of framing information, support, etc. You definitely deserve A LOT OF praise. You made class a was a lot of work but you made it fun and rewarding. My husband loved the job I did framing the artwork that I brought. He was really surprised, especially since I'm not really great with tools. You're a fantastic teacher and person, in general and I'm proud to know you, Pam. Thanks, again for everything.