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Mar 26, 2003
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I just posted a few responses & though the local time is 11:27 AM, my post on my computer shows 1:27 PM. I believe there is a setting in my profile that adjusts this - I have tried it at -2hrs & currently -4hrs - nothing seems to work. It would be nice to have the posts show my local time.

Is there a fix?
Something seems to be very screwed up lately here on our Grumble - and just wait until the US adds more weeks of Daylight Savings Time in 2007 and Canada doesn't! By then, however, the Grumble will be back to normal.

The board time is Eastern Standard, I do believe...
Ah, HB, as you have noticed, we are in the middle of a "time test"....

And by you noticing the difference, you may have passed. :D
I just checked and the clock is within a minute of where it should be.

There is an adjustment for time in your PROFILE, as you already discovered. It should show you the system time (in EST) and your computer's clock, with a suggested setting for the box on the right. It's important to save there, and also on the previous screen.

One thing to check is to make sure your Windows has the correct time zone setting. You can verify this by double clicking on the time at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on the TIME ZONE tab.

There are some serious problems with the grumble right now due to a post-dated test message (8/27). Content Islands (last 5 posts, last 5 topics, last visitors, etc) are frozen in time, waiting for something "newer" than 8/27. I suspect when that date passes, the issue will correct itself and the planets will once again be re-aligned.

This isn't some sort of doomsday virus, that will freeze all our computers and make devestation around the grumble and cause all our morso choppers to cut uneven and cause CMC to cut circles instead of squares and stop customers from coming through the door and ..............
on the 27/8??????

OH Me Oh My

Well, that's settled, then, I am not working on anything I can't replace on August 27.
Well just to let you all know its already the 27th here and no fix at this end. (no wonder I was worried, My time was already up)

Maybe I will just have to wait until you all catch up.
I’m fascinated by the fact that there has only been one visitor to “The Grumble” in about two weeks, while there are 491 current visitors to “Warped Moulding”.

Shows you where our heads are.
The "Latest Topics" & "Latest Posts" are frozen in time on my computer, they don't update/refresh.

491 on Warped tells the tale. The G's Bermuda triangle.
The G also seems to be unusually slow-loading these last few days - reminding me of my old pre-DSL dial-up days!

Let's do the Time Warp again!!!
Slower loading glad to know I'm not the only one maybe it's a delayed form of the millenium bug?? :eek:
as slow as it is, I think framer tg loaded us all up onto a Dell scrapbook... :D

So it begs the question: "how big a server does it take to host something the size of The Grumble?"

figuring everything in... must be some kind of band width too.
If it continues to get slower, I will have completed my piano lessons and be on a world tour by the 27th.

Has anyone explored the possibility of deleting (moderators?, administrator?) the post that seems to be causing the problem?

I have learned Chopin's 'Polonaise' while trying to wish Pam MacFadden a happy birthday over on Warped. Y'all take a minute to wish her well!
Has anyone explored the possibility of deleting (moderators?, administrator?) the post that seems to be causing the problem?
That's a completely reasonable idea, Charles, except that it's impossible to access the thread in question.

You can do a search under framer's posts and, sure-enough, there's Time Test, posted 8/27/05. But if you click on it, an unrelated thread comes up.

I think we should start a pool guessing how many recent visitors we'll have on Warped by 8/27. The list will fill the whole page and there won't be room for any actual posts.
If it gets out of hand, maybe he could change the clock briefly to 8/27 ~4pm and post one more message. (maybe with a TOPIC that says itll be fixed by 8/28) Then set the clock back again.

Moving the pointer up MIGHT purge the growing statistical/recent visitors file. Of course, it'll start growing again but it'll take until ~8/27 before things are this slow again.

The hard drive and server are probably taking a beating, scanning all that extra info, causing a delay.

My understanding of the problem and solution are just a theory. Buyer beware.
I'm sure Framer is aware of the situation, and working to resolve it.
My number for the How Many People On Warped On The 27th Pool is: 727.