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May 28, 2000
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While we were at the Philadelphia Show, we stopped by Cundys booth. We've looked at thier displays before, but with all the talk here on the G' we thought we would give them a try. SO... we bought two table top fillet stands. Well, they have arrived and they look great!

The stands have only been on the counter for a few days, and already we have people looking at the fillets, and asking questions. Looks like it will help us sell more decorative designs.

What have you done to boost your sales?
We purchased one from Cundy last year..and it did increase filet sales quite a bit. What drives me crazy is when someone pulls one off the display and tells me that they'd like this frame. NOT!
We also purchased a three tiered mat rack (on wheels). It increased suede,specialty and fabric sales because they were right at our fingertips, not somewhere under the counter. Once you show a fabric, a regular mat looks flat.
What else have you done to boost sales? Keep ideas coming!
I automatically price out a framed piece with perfect view glass. It finally dawned on me that I had to try selling up on the glass. Now, I start high and can come down to non-glare if I have to. However, if I don't bring the issue up, I put in the perfect view. Some customers ask me about glass and then I explain what perfect view is all about. I figure I am probably selling about 80% perfect view right now. I hope this keeps up.


PS: Susan, great topic!!!
My mat racks are on the counter. I put all the fabric and specialty mats sorted by color closer to the customer and all the regular conservation board closer to me. So, when the custoemr rummages in hte mat baord, they pick out fabric mats. They always like what they pick out better :D !

It took me awhile to get used to the idea. It has also taken some time to make the change. However, now that I have made the transition, very few customers really even ask about glass. I just tell them nicely that I am using what is best for their art. I also use it on my own stuff now because I really do like the stuff. By using the perfect view as my default glass, I can come down to the conservation clear in the case of a customer needing to be revived with smelling salts or such.

Try it, you might like the results.
I have 2 of these for sale. See information in the Commercial Posts, Framing Equipment for Sale area.

Originally posted by Jerry Ervin:
WOW 80% perfect view! Has no one screamed about price yet? If you overcome the price barrier that is great. My customers get upset about conservation clear.
I've recently started pricing everything in conservation clear, unless otherwise asked by the customer. No one's said a word about it, and I'm very clear when I tell them their price includes cc glass (then I tell them the benefits).
I have A Cundy 3-tier rolling mat rack, and a counter-top turn-around display. I like them both -- well made, practical, and a very good deal. I don't think I could build them as well myself, and certainly not for any less money.

I especially like the rolling mat rack. I was afraid it might be a little tipsy, but no -- it's solid as a rock. Once loaded with mat samples, it is very stable, yet still easy to push around the room.
Larson Juhl had a special promotion where you could get a spinning fillet displayer (Cundy's, I think - it's nice), if you bought a certain amount of fillet length. I don't remember the details. We got the stand and are having a fillet special. (Thanks to Grumblers for the sale idea.) Still haven't put the fillets on it though. I like selling fillets.