Cryo Sand Drift Acrylic

David Knox

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 8, 2001
Hillsborough NC
I saw an ad for the Sand Drift Sheer Textures in the June issue of PFM; and the same week had one of my best customers come in with an oversize lithograph. And the subject matter is mermaids. What a great idea to use the Sand Drift Acrylic and give the illusion of water. Call Cyro and got samples and the number for the nearest distributor. Then we hit a bump in the road... minimum order is 12 sheets (48 x 96). Does anyone use this product and might be willing to ship me one piece?
Not a good idea as this plastic is only translucent and will not show the image clearly. Stay away from these cutesy ideas. It will get annoying to the viewer rather quickly. These materials are meant for displays and such where the texture is neat but you aren't trying to look at anything thru it. Thay might make a nice bowl or somewthing like that but it is not for framing.
Tony, Piedmont Plastics is the company I got the quote from (the Raleigh distribution center). I know the acrylic is only translucent; and my customer knows it but wants it anyway. He's been one of my top customers for five years and very much likes quirky, definitely not your average framing customer. I guess my next step is to try etching some glass and see what happens.