Crooked Diploma


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Dec 4, 2001
Torrington, Connecticut, USA
I'm framing a college diploma. The trouble is the four signatures (2 on each side) at the bottom are not parallel to the rest of the text, it tapers by 1/8" from the beginning of the signature on the left to the end of the signature on the right. So when I get everything else aligned properly and put the mats over it, those signatures go on a definate uphill slant.

Any grumblers ever run into this before? If so, what have you done? Just explain to the customer it is what it is or suggest they get a replacement? It just looks kooky.

You will find that not only college diplomas have this problem but also CPA certificates and Law School diplomas have the same problems. It is frustrating to find that the decorative lines on diplomas are not parallel to the other side and it is difficult to explain to the customer what the problem is (and that it is not your work). I have reframed several of these before I got a bit wiser. Offset the mat board from the framed certificate/diploma; the greater the distance the less the strange angle of the signatures will be noticed.

Jack Cee
Sometimes the inaccuracy isn't serious enough to matter. But when it is, I usually complete the framing job anyway, and point it out to the customer.

If the customer is interested in replacing the document with a new one later (and if the new one is, indeed, better), I'll offer to do the refitting free of charge -- but not the new mounting.