crocheted doily


PFG, Picture Framing God
Jul 12, 2001
Middleburg, FL
My mother bought this doily in a thrift shop and thought it would make a good sample for the shop.

THe frame is Larson Pine River and I can't remember who the fillet came from.
I cut the mats on a Wizard and used a foam core spacer under the top mat for some depth.

Very cool Deb. I love the bounce from the octagon mat on a hexigon object. Circles just wouldn't have done the job.

I think the frame is a little crooked...up on the right just a tad.... :D

There just aren't enough doilies done these days.
Nice job, Deb! I like the mats, too.

One of my very first doilies ever framed was shaped the way yours is. I had to beg the customer to let me do it similiar to what you did here, and hang it on point, as they say.

Anyway, kudos! Reminds me that I need to work on some fresh samples.
Beautifully done!!

It's mounted on a black suede mat and glazing is museum glass.
I wasn't worried about conservation when I did it, just the design.

Customers like it enough to ask for the same design.
I like your design! Baer is right; a round mat wouldn't have worked. My eye is immediately drawn to the doily.
The fillet is just ornate enough to reflect the doily and yet small enough not to overwhelm the art, good choice.
Very nice Deb, it reminds me also of a snowflake. I will have to remember that mat design on the next one that comes in.

Show us more!
Thanks for the kind words.
It made me kind of nervous to post something here since I still feel like the new kid in the framing world.
Great job! I think the layered use of different cuts is a real design enhancer. Maybe under appreciated and underutilized. Whadyathink? Has anyone done an article on this? Probably so but it doesn't come to mind. One of my favorites is a circle in an oval, the Eyeball cut. Did you think about a wider mat? Those open corner spaces can be the perfect spots for a little mat embellishment. It's always nice to enhance both the design and the bottom line at the same time. Keep up the great work!
I don't think anyone has done an article on layered cuts beyond "fancy cuts" during the Southwest trendy days....

Go for it Terry.
I was thinking something more like reading the article. I have a hard enough time typing a couple of sentences here. But if the above constitutes an article, publish away. I think thats about the extent of my commentary. Maybe I could fill in with pictures. 15 steps to cutting the perfect (ha) circle.