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Cresent Brite White and Raven Black substitutes

Nancy S.

Sep 22, 2004
please. Trying to find alpha cellulose substitutes for Crescent Brite White Rag 1607, and Cresent Raven Black Rag 1577.

NAncy can you get Selects from your distributor? If not you can ask them what subs work. My distributor does that for me when they are out of the color I'm looking for. The few times they have been way off they were willing to take the boards back, and once UPSed me the right color (after I complained to my rep!) Reps are great! Use them.
Yes, Bob, I can get the Selects from my distrbutors. It is my fault that I don't have the samples. I work too much in a vacumn sometimes. I was not aware that the Selects came in a complete line. I do have some of the Select samples with patterns.

What really made me ask the question was that I want to find a crisper board. I want to cut 13 openings in 5x7 (yes, 5x7) mats and I need a little more stability than the cotton mat provides. I did my sample on a Cresent Museum Foliage board, beautiful, but a little too delicate.

My original business license is dated 1989 and I've yet to see a matboard rep..

Thanks so much, Nancy
My original business license is dated 1989 and I've yet to see a matboard rep..
You need to hit a trade show, there's always a bunch of them that are more than happy to give you samples and tell you which distributors carry the line.

Although my local distributor (Montana Moulding) tells me about them when a new line comes out, and offers a set of samplers for free. So you might ask the next time you talk to them.
Walt, I go to Atlanta every three years or so. The last time in 2003. I'm going to try to go back in 2005.

Cresent has always been very generous with mat samples, and I got new ones from the 2003 show. I thought I received everything they carry. Somehow, the Selects were missed except for a few special ones.

I just meant a rep has not stopped to see me personally. But I'm sure one would if I asked.
My distributors are good to me. It is no ones fault but my own when something gets by me.

I wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.

I think the matboard reps work more with distributors than with small shops. I always get my new mat samples from a distributor or the sales rep for the distributor sends my name in to get them sent direct to me. The matboard companines depend on the distributors to get those samples out to us. I have me the matboard reps at various trade shows like Decor or the open house that many distributors have in the spring or the fall.
MatFramer, You are right, of course. And as I said, Cresent has always been good to me. As have my distributors. I've never had a problem getting samples, I just didn't keep up on the Selects!

I have had moulding reps call and stop by over the years. I don't advertise or have a sign, so I guess they found me though the Atlanta mail list.


I thought I had a complete set of Selects, but have none with "Patterns".

What are they?
John, I'm not Mary
, but it is Accents that I had and not Selects (just can't slip anything past you guys!!). Sorry to mess with your head Rob! But hey, I have the Selects now! I picked them up today.

I used to keep up (I even knew the board numbers by heart)when all I did was custom framing. I wish humans could be loaded with additional memory like computers can!! I sure could use some more.

Thanks to all,