Crescent Warranty Program

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2002
Everett, WA
Today we received a package from Crescent containing items relating to their "Lifetime Warranty" program: counter display,window sticker, and a bunch of labels to put on the back of the framed piece. These labels have places for framer's signature, framing institution, date, and phone number. These have "Crescent Rag Mat" at the top and give a brief explanation of the warranty.

I haven't decided yet but I'm leaning toward not using them for the simple reason that for repeat customers I can forsee mass confusion and resultant explanations if they have one piece framed with a Crescent rag mat that has the label on the back and another with, oh let's say Alphamat Artcare mat, without the lifetime guarantee label. Seems they would think that the Alphamat isn't as good due to the lack of a label.

Does anyone (that still sells Crescent) plan to use these? I know some use their own labels; would you use both?

I choose not to use the labels. I felt it shared to much information and would prefer the customer to come back here to my shop. I have a nice foil sticker with our name and address, phone stuff on it.

I use a POS that tracks customer history so I kave a record of what we did in the past for them.

I also wondered about the future availability of some colors and textures, realizing that we have no control over what the manufactures choose to build out. Say a customer comes in and wants to replicate a previous order (colors even sizes and moulding etc.) we have it on file. We can check to see if these are still available and if we need to we can always upsale and or try to match the mat.

I am not sure if you have to use the label to be "warranted" or not.

I also realize Bainbridge has a snazzy archival/conservation sticker.

Just my thoughts..

I will go back to my corner now...

PS I do like the promotional stuff they sent out and have it out also...
Too many variables to assume liability for somebody else's product. Crescent has also been known to mislead (remember the old "acid free core and backing paper" printed on their paper mat samples?).
I always loved Lifetime Warranties. They are so vague....who's lifetime do they use as a reference?

The mats: mauve expired a while back, lime green is definitely dead, and I'm not sure some colors actually were ever alive (see Bainbridge's deletions as they were released).

The owner: does a septuagenarian have less of a warranty than a teenager?

The art: don't even want to go there...(does the art commit suicide when the couch is recovered?)...which brings us to...

The Interior Design: (OK, I took out the Barfing emoticon), but you get the point...
I haven’t requested nor received the “package” as you described, so I don’t know how the label is worded.

If you received such a label on the back of a returned frame from another frame shop, is there some implicit or implied understanding that you, as a subscriber to the warrantee program, would have to replace the mat?
Bill, here is the wording:

"This seal ensures that your artwork is matted with the guaranteed quality of cotton RagMat. RagMat matboards are designed for maximum protection, and backed by an exclusive replacement warranty. Contact the location listed below for further details."

Then there is a space for framer's signature, framing institution, date, and phone number.

So to address your question, the wording would indicate that the customer needs to take it to the "framing institution" written on the label.

But what happens when that "institution" is no longer in business or the customer moves? Then would I be responsible for doing the work at no charge if they brought it to me?

Crescent's definition of the lifetime of a framed piece: "....begins when it is assembled according to accepted industry practices and ends when the finished piece is reopened for any reason."

You never know how people interpret things like this but I can't think of a senario that a Crescent RagMat would cause a problem that would affect the art.

But you never know. And even when you do you don't.
I remember this from about 2 years ago. The guarantee, if I remember, is that the matting will not harm the art. It’s a pretty safe guarantee because as we all know it won't harm the art.

If the art is harmed by the matboard, they will pay for the art. It’s not a complicated program from what I remember.

My only problem is that customers will be totally confused what the warranty is for. I can see them wanting Crescent to buy the art damaged by floods, broken glass, tornadoes, bugs, and any other thing that could damage art.

Like I said, the mat isn’t going to damage the art period. Crescent knows this and that is the only reason they have such a program. The right salesman could probably make really good use out of this!
We stand behind our work, and I will do what it takes to make the customer happy. However, I doubt I would use stickers like this, bec. they could tend to get worrying types worrying about things that may or may not happen.
I already have myshop sticker on the back so they can contact me if they need to. I do use the Tru-Vue stickers on conservation glassed projects, but still verbally discourage people from hanging their work in sunny spots.
I wouldn't want to obscure my beautiful dust cover with too many stickers.
:cool: Rick
No Danny Boy, no line for mat # colors and these are apparently the new ones. Received them Monday.