Crescent Sample Corners


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I am having a heck of a time obtaining a couple of corner sets from Crescent (Whitecore Basics and Rag). They refer me to my distributor who is clean out of all of them. I have tried several other suppliers and find the same thing. Anyone know what is going on? Was there a set released for 2005 with new colors? Why is it so difficult to obtain these? Crescent wants their product to be sold, but yet they do not seem interested in providing the necessary materials to sell their boards. What gives?
I've had the same problems. I've been trying since 2004. I managed to get about 75% of the samples. My rep tells me that they are holding off production on new sample sets. They won't tell me why though.
I have been told that the white core basics and the Miller international whites are going to be combined into 1 line. Same for the ulti-mats and the cresent select. I don't know when this will be happening though.
Looks like I, too, am in this rather "exclusive" club.

I e-mailed Crescent two months ago asking for a set of RagMats, and got the, “sure, we’ll get them out right away” response. I also asked for the address of my hitherto unseen sales rep, but they wouldn’t (or couldn’t) tell me.

I also sent in two different response-type post cards.

Hey, Crescent, I’m still waiting!
I was told by my rep that they were plum out of a lot of the sample sets. They have the Select sets, but not a lot more. They expect to be getting them in sometime in May or June.
I was given the run around also about a year ago when I was trying to open my store. I told the rep it's hard to open a framestore with no mat samples and she said there were 2 sets in the US that were available and that she would try to get me one.

Three weeks later a box from Texas came to my door in New Jersey.

Every so often a new box with missing mats appears but most of the time not what I wanted.

How do you expect to make any money when you wont give your samples out to sell from.

It's like having a frameshop that is open every so often.

This area of the market share needs more competition besides Bainbridge from a major company that suppliers will invest in inventory.

Tru Vue backed out to early!
Good point Ron.

We needed to upgrade our sample sets from both. Sent $150 to each and had full sets and racks the next week.

Then we weeded out the 584 discontinued mats, and the 391 that our local distributer doesn't or can't carry, and had the 356 new samples that we needed. :D

Of course they look great next to the 395 fabric samples on the custom Frank's Fabric lucite racks I had made up....
I called Crescent yesterday to get the Ultimat/Ultblack corner set. They asked me my zip and transfered me to the voicemail of the rep for my area. She was out but returned the call this morning. Said she will get them out right away and also said she was going to send me a bunch of other stuff that I didn't ask for. Couldn't have been nicer.
They were going to combine the whitecore basics with the international white but they have decided to keep it separate. Also the Ultimat and Ultiblack lines will not be combined with the selects, they are planning on keepeing everything available in oversize. CMI in Las Vegas has rag mat samples in stock, give them a call 702-365-1174
I just got a FedEx pkg with just the 2004 Spring Collection with a note: "We're Sorry. Due to the high demand, we are unable to fulfill your complete sample request. Please re-order in thirty days."

The corner samples that I ordered from my rep on 4/27 came today. 8 day turn around isn't too bad.
Wow what a cowinky dink but I got them today!
Part of my order came in today, with the nice little note about trying back in 30 days on the remainder of the order. It's a challenge to stay up on new product, let alone trying to get it in...
I'm telling you guys, money talks. Offer to pay for the samples and then watch your front door, cuz they will be flyin' in.