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Crescent revisited.... again


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jun 13, 2002
Sacramento, California
Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago I pulled all my Crescent samples and told the company that when I received new samples reflecting the revamped line they'd be back out on the sales floor. I received my packet last week and sent in my postcard. Now, my question to you is this: will I receive new samples of the Rag line (no specifier included in the packet) or do I need to sort through my old samples? I don't mind doing it... just don't really want to spend the time if new samples are coming soon. Can't remember the verbage on the postcard but I don't recall new samples of the Rag line being an option on the sample request portion.

Thanks folks!
Originally posted by fourcorners:
...I don't recall new samples of the Rag line being an option on the sample request portion.

I think you might have answered your own question.

I am pretty sure that you need to pull your Rag samples back out of the box.
I spoke with Deanna, the Crescent rep, yesterday. She said the rag mats will not change. Or the Mooreman Suedes.
Thanks, guys! I know what I'll be doing this afternoon!
I had a Crescent rep come into the store for the first time in 5 or so years on Friday. Told her that I needed new Rag and Moorman samples as well and she said no problem.

I also made a note on my postcard that I needed Rags so we'll see what happens.

That's what I was hoping they would do -- just send out a complete set of what they carry. But I guess they need to save money just like we all do. Thanks for letting me know that though... I may just do that myself!

Happy weekend!