Crescent discontinuing TONS of mats?

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
Just heard from another rep that Crescent in July or thereabouts will be dumping hundreds of matboards, mainly all the TruVue. Supposedly, they're letting out of the barn many many people who will cover the country with their all new and all improved selections, etc etc blahblahblah

Just wondering if anyone else has heard this. Since we don't use Crescent at all--and I mean AT ALL--ain't got no dog in this fight as they say here in est Tennessee. But just curious if the rumor is rumor or based on fact
I have seen the rollout that they (suppliers) have already gotten but won't tell you about. They are discontinuing a ton but overall they are cleaning all the lines up FINALLY.

I think everybody will be very happy after they get new samples. It looks like the entire Crescent lineup is going to settle down again.
I read an upbeat announcement in one of the trade magazines about consolidating the lines....reading between the lines, I thought it might be the TruVue mats biting the dust. Maybe it will be great when the lines are cleaned up but I have an awful lot of mats and fallout sitting in the back room. That's profit dollars down the tubes.
I looked up like the woodlands mats which is my favorite from the Truvue line. I couldn't find them. I don't remember the numbers but every line is getting smaller and quite signifcantly in some catagories.
Hey Maryann,

You could write "DX--check stock" on the back of any discontinued samples you have and sell em till they're gone. You just have to remember to pull the sample when you use the last of it. Kind of a pain but better than walking them out to the dumpster. If you have a POS thing you would probably have to do something in there also. I don't have one so I can't speak to that.
Since I read the announcement, I've been avoiding selling TruVue mats. Not sure what I'll do - spending too much time on the discontinued will lose as much or more $$ than putting them in the dumpster. They may turn into 'ready-mades'. Could be a bonanza sale for the art students at the University. We'll have to wait and see what happens.
How about using the white side for backings? (The conservation boards, anyway.) Others can be used for mat cuter slip sheets. No need to dumpsterize anything before its time.
:cool: Rick
Ditto what Rick said. Don't forget too they can be used as backing for your cheapie "poster art" stuff where the customer is looking for economical framing.

Like when you use Framerica??? Or a 5-11-15 metal profile?

The scariest part for me is that a Crewscent rep will visit me--SHUDDER--and see that I carry NONE of the line.

WIll I get my hand slapped??? O well
Hey Mike - when they come to see you, send them to the country. I'll probably never see them...
Originally posted by Maryann:
I have an awful lot of mats and fallout sitting in the back room. That's profit dollars down the tubes.
I beg to differ Maryann, all that is stock that is paid for, and waiting to be fabric wrapped, for even bigger bucks.
dont have a problem with tv being gone....DO have a very BIG problem with 40X60 mats being gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyone have a bright thought or 2 about how we're gonna do those oversized jobs in all those diverse colors??????????
A Crescent rep recently confirmed that a lot of numbers are being discontinued, but most of the colors we want will still be available under new numbers.

I'm sure Crescent is aware that this kind of action creates confusion for framers, but when the changes are finished, their color organization should be better.
betty: call Rechenbach's Sure they can help OR I can save all my samples and give them to you if you wanna come to Ktown