Crescent Changes


CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I just read the ad in the new PFM I received yesterday about Crescent's upcoming changes. Anyone know if they are going to be releasing new corner sets, or will the ones already available just be combined to make the new lines. I believe I read that Crescent Select will have the Ultimat line merged into it and the Whitecore Basics line will change also. Anyone received anything yet?
anyone have update on if/when they will ax the TV lines??? or has it already, in fact, happened?????
I was told by the Crescent rep that they expect to start sometime in June or July and have samples on the car and when they visit your store they will simply trade old for new, sounds easy, we will see...
they are discontinuing over 500 items from the old tru vue line. They are taking what is left of the ultimats and putting them in the select line along with the accents. Then they are taking what is left of the i-whites and putting them together with the witecore basics line. New samples are expected to be out in July.
Oh great, we just finished getting our "new" (to us) Crescent mat samples all in order!

BTW, if anyone's interested, Delta Mat & Mldg out of Sacramento carries Crescent Select. Larson's Artiques are nearly identical. But if you still need Cr Selct, Delta's # is:
1-800-525-9369. If you're in this area, Pacific coast, their truck delivers freight-free over $125, doesn't take much matbd to get to there.