Cream (brown) core ph neutral?


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Dec 14, 2004
Big Rapids, Michigan
Today I went into Meijers - They have a new 1-2-3 "program" to frame your own "just like the custom framer" at 1/2 the price - so I went in to check out this new service/product they offer.

Small print gallery 10 - 15 images, pressed wood frames with vinyl covering or "oak" with one maybe two layers of stain painted on and fancy mats with v grooves. The mats were the best looking part of the entire program.

Most of the mats did not even advertise to be acid free but they had a small supply of "PH Neutral" mats that had cream/brown cores. Does anyone know if there is a manufacturer that makes PH neutral mats that look like they have been in a frame package for over 20 years? Could these truely be ph neutral?


PS several customers have gone there to try to frame their piece only to come in and complain that none of the "custom" mats fit. :D
Perhaps it was the "Antiquarian" line from Crescent - they are "browned" in color.