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J Phipps TN

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Jul 14, 2004
Kingsport TN
Fellow Grumblers,
I've been in framing for over 15 years. I have owned my own shop for just over 4 years and I know I should already have my CPF by now but I don't. My question is, Where is the best place to start? Where would I find all of the study materials and also where are the test given?
Also, How much money am I talking and is it really worth it?

Any advise would be appreciated,

Thank you,
Jennifer in TN :D


You can buy it all from the PPFA www.ppfa.com

Or perhaps your local PPFA Chapter has a loan library of study material..

Is it worth it I would say yes…..but then again when and if I get my CPF® I will most likely be the first in Ireland and asides from the knowledge gained…..I would expect it would have a major marketing advantage for me :D

Good luck


BTW there is a study guide for the CPF® at the PPFA site that you can down load….it is very good bar one or two quirky :rolleyes: questions….but then again those questions will mutative your mind…

Don’t start again guys
it’s a long story Jennifer

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
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Get The Picture
I think it's a VERY worthy achievement, and you'll probably learn a lot of new tricks in the process; even as a seasoned framer. My business partner took the test last year, after 10 years as a professional framer, and has made several improvements to the shop as a direct result of what he learned. It's nice for business cards and ads, too.

The test is $325 for non PPFA members and $225 for members.

There is an updated exam schedule, a place to buy the books directly from the PPFA bookstore, information about scholarships, and a study guide with a sample test at: http://www.ppfa.com/certification_program.htm

The study materials can be purchased at http://secure.ppfa.com/shop/ by selecting "CPF Study Material" in the top center menu.


Ron Eggers

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Jul 6, 2001
Preparing for the test is likely to help you, especially if you're able to purchase, rather than borrow, the study materials. They should be part of every framer's library.

Actually taking the test or even passing it probably isn't going to affect your bottom line in a measurable way. 17 years after passing the test, people still ask me what CPF means. They seem to think it's a parody of CPA.

I use the opportunity to explain the certification, the PPFA, FACTS, Zeolites, UV-filtering glazing, alpha-cellulose matboards, Japanese hinges and the importance of regular canine vaccinations.

Deep down, I just KNOW they appreciate it.

B. Newman

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Sep 5, 2001
Kodak, Tn. USA
Jennifer, the test will be offered at our KY/TN chapter meeting in September, but I'd say that's a little soon to take it!

We've been working on getting the materials in a "library" of sorts to loan out to our members, but don't have it all together yet.

I'm sure Jerry V. will have more to add on this.



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Oct 13, 1999
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As a point to pass the test with more confidence and a greater chance of success may I suggest a pre test study class.
PPFA will confirm that the success rate is much greater after taking a study class than without the class. Some chapters will offer the class as well as it being offered at the education venues at trade shows.

Jim Miller

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May 19, 2000
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Shirley Damon offers the only CPF Prep class, and it's a good one. Sorry, but it's not a substitute for studying.

A word to the wise: Get the Study Guide and the current issue of every book on the list. Study until you know everything in the recommended reading upside down and backwards.

Years of framing experience don't seem to help with the CPF exam, because it is about more advanced preservation than most framers learn outside of organized study, such as the CPF program. So, careful study of all that new material is your only assurance of success.

You can probably borrow the books from friends. But as Ron suggested, you ought to have them in your library for reference anyway.

The 2004 review & revision of the exam has just been completed, and the Study Guide is newly revised, too. Contact PPFA for the latest Study Guide. If you call the Jackson, Michigan headquaters, ask for Cathy Filter or Yvonne Ransom.


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Jul 10, 1999
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The CPF hasn't impressed nearly as much as the MCPF has. It may be that it is framed with a red reverse glass mat and wide really gold leaf frame (and it is big to begin with!) And when they hear that I am one of only 18, well, ain't I the cats meow! It seriously gives me incredible cachet....


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Jul 5, 2001
Savannah, GA
Are you a current PPFA Member?
As Betty said, we(KY/TN Chapter PPFA) are working on the Library right now, I'm just real slow getting the paperwork in. Borrowing the books will be free to chapter members. The exam will be given monday sept. 20 from 8:00am to noon in Bardstown, KY.

Also if you are a PPFA member you can apply for the Thomas McKeon Scholarship which will get you a complete set of the books and the test for free. Deadline is August 1st.

If you are interested please contact me by email with a phone # and I will be glad to talk to you.