CPF recertification class

Terry Scidmore CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 5, 2001
Seattle, WA 98168
Last Saturday I took the CPF recertification class that was offered in my area as a joint effort between the Evergreen Picture Framers Guild, PPFA, and Larson-Juhl.

I don't want to start up the discussion about CPF's being grandfathered (and I am one of those).

The class was pretty good. There was some new information, a review of the good old stuff, examples of the work done for the MCPF test, a hefty notebook that has lots of articles from PFM and other sources - but under headings so they are easy to find, and a few samples of some of the items being used or discussed. I felt that the class was worth the time and money.

There was one other grandfathered CPF who was taking the class for the second time, and the rest were CPF's who needed to recertifiy.

Because the test was on Saturday, I had to close my store to attend. I put up signs explaining that I would be closed to attend the recertification class, noted it on the customer pickup slips, and had it on my answering machine.

For the first time since I got my CPF, I had customers asking me about the education that a picture framer gets. They all pretty much assumed that you learned everything on the job, by trial and error.

I've had that CPF certificate up since 1987, and the FACTS certificate up since 1994. People look at them every day, but no one has every asked about them.

The crazy thing is that they always ask about the other certificates that I have up!

I hope that we get a recertification certificate!
Maybe it takes saying that you have to recertify to get people to notice!
Terry I am currently trying to find a way to post a picture of a copy of a trifoled leaflet of which hundreds were sent to me from PPFA.This leaflet in very brief comments trys to explain why a consumer should look for and do business with a Framer who displays the PPFA CPF .It also briefly explains who the PPFA is and what they do.

I don't know why I receiced these or if all CPFs got the same shipment. I can't help but wonder if a certain thread you illuded to had some influence in why the PPFA sent these .It also make me seriously suspect that while they may not have a visible presence on TFG they are definatly Listening.

Whetehr it did or not It is a definet example of "if you need something,you've got to let someone know" . But more importantly I and anyone who may have also received these must find ways to get them in the hands of the public. I also think that "if you don't inform the public,who will"comment was somewhere in that other thread as well.

Well I have them on my counter and I am trying to either see if I can use it in a newspaper add or maybe mail them out to prospective clients with my sops name and info on them.
Then when I ,like you, tell customers "I am away being recrtified" they may have a much better understanding of what we are speaking and why it is important to them, as well as why a PPFA CPF is a registered TRADEMARK and how it differs from some look alike/sound alikes.
I'm jealous John. My Prius only has NO OPEC on it. I never thought about CPF.....

BTW John, did I tell you how much I LOVE my Fillet Master? Thanks for taking the time to twist my arm in Vegas.
Don't be angry Jo ,and don't jump all over PPFA Hq. It was an error, I asked for several Hundreds of the "Care Of Art" leaflets ( also a trifold) and was sent the CPF/PPFA explanation in error.

I found this out when I emailed Cathy Filter at the Association and told her what I had posted . This is part of her reply ( along with the comment that she now has a new assitant in an effort to better serve such needs.LOL);

Hallelujah!! I'm so happy to see someone in the industry advertising their certification. We too at the home office have gotten calls from customers learning what the term CPF means and only wanted to take their art to a CPF in their area. The public is learning.

Buddy, the forms you mentioned are in the bookstore. Here is the link:
They are $22 for 50 of them.

They also have the "Care Of art"
leaflets I mentioned as well. I intended to use them in the upcomeing Art Auction competition when ever anyone received a Popular choice ballot,with the name of local CPFs on it.

I'll bet they are estatic if they have seen John Ranes' Liscenec Plate.LOL Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

Thanks, Buddy! I did receive a sample copy of the CPF advertising brochure, logo, and other CPF promotional media when PPFA sent it out to CPF's a while ago - I can't remember if it was when Julie Freeman was the executive director, or after the merger with PMA.

I have used and promote the CPF as often as I can. I just thought that it was interesting that none of the customers gave a hoot until I put up that I was closed to take the recertification course.
Customers who don't notice a certificate (even a beautifully framed certificate) on the wall find it hard to ignore a sign on a locked door.

Some of my most creative work was displayed in the laminated signs I hung on my door when I was closed "unexpectedly."

I'll save them for Warped.
John, may I suggest you pay your automobile tab fees, those expired plate tickets are pretty pricy!